Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Agustina Woodgate and Olivia Ramos.


Agustina Woodgate


CICLO was a 24 hours broadcast that was not only about how wonderful the Underline will be‬‬‬. It was about the experience of traveling the landscape as it exists today, inhabiting the extreme present.‬ With its challenges, observing, discussing, conversing, sharing and listening,‬‬‬ most importantly listening.‬‬‬


WOODGATE: hey hey‬‬‬


RAMOS: Hi happy to have you back.


You have been working on a lot of things. Not sure where to start.


Perhaps you can tell me a bit about the CICLO project.


CICLO is the name of the last transmission of


"exploring all things architecture"‬‬‬


I can't get it to say that again...


In summary you guys took a live radio show on the road, specifically on the underline. Or rather the future underline.


Only on the Underline


Yes, on the future path of The Underline


Was this a one time event - or is it ongoing?


This transmission was a one time radio event.‬‬‬


We started on Friday 13 at 11 am from Dadeland South and arrive at 6pm at Brickell.


On Saturday 14th we went in circles around the Brickell station from 11 to 6.


On Sunday 15th, we started at 11 am at Brickell and ended in Dadeland South at 6.


So we did the route back and forth.


All as we transmitted live from a 16 person bike, or as the city identifies it: a human power vehicle.


And this was possible all under the metro rail? or did you have to jump onto US1 at any point?


At many points.


Although we didn't take us1, we took the back roads on the west side of the MetroRail.


As of today, many of the stations don't have an entrance to the existent trail, called the M Path. Not many have ramps.


A few times the trail is only accessible through the station's  parking lot.


And most crosswalks are incredibly risky.


Right - and all of this will change with the underline project?




I see, but also the new path will connect Brickell to Coconut Grove to Dadeland‬‬‬

i guess it kinda does now, but not many people use it.


What were your favorite findings through the interviews?


ufffff... so much ‬‬‬


Some highlights...


Mr. Lehman, the car dealer magnate was the responsible for the Metro Rail construction.


That seems progressive and counterintuitive.‬‬‬


We interviewed his son, Bill Lehman, who told us about his fathers beginnings as a car dealer, as well as the story of the Metrorail construction, and the experience of traveling in it for the inauguration day of it.


We also had a wonderful conversation with Paquita Zuidema, Professor of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences.‬‬‬ She specializes in air circulation and clouds formation.


Turns out that the Miami air carries sand particles from the Sahara dessert!!


lol that makes sense since our hurricanes start in west Africa.


Did she mention how much the quality of air improves if people use the metro more?


She mentioned how clean the air in Miami is actually, because of the air circulation. Air pollution here is very low.


We did talk about the shade that the Metrorail provides huge asset for this kind of weather. And we spoke about the temperature difference between direct sun and shade.


‪Big difference right?




I know in our "cold" days, you only feel it when the sun is covered by a cloud.‬‬‬


This will change with global warming as the clouds will start evaporating quicker.‬‬‬ As she explained.


I've never heard that before


Does the underline plan to add more shade, beyond the rail?




The Underline plans to take advantage of the existent shade.


What is it exactly then? what does the project entail? Apart from correcting the entrances/access to the stations.‬‬‬




Re-designing the path for a better experience



Good - if the path also connects to the adjacent neighborhoods, it is most likely that people will use the rail more.


At the moment US1 is pretty isolated from the surrounding homes, and that's the point right? To get people on the train.


 ‪Its part of a bigger plan


What's the bigger plan?


There are many more trails in formation, like the Miami loop and the Ludlam trail.


There is also a huge plan to add more transit corridors, some with buses and other train lines. Its a huge county plan.


Oh wow that's pretty extensive.


Miami is a very young city with a lot of pressure to be a full blown metropolis, and that it will be.


‪I'll say ...with a very high pressure to its actions on the verge of sea level rise.


I'm not sure Miami actually feels the pressure of sea level rise, although you do see responses - sunset harbor for example.


But as a whole, it is in great denial.


I was looking at images of Amsterdam and Venice, both have been dealing with sea-level rise for centuries. It doesn't have to be catastrophic.


Many dialogs around the Miami sea-level rise sound catastrophic.




Is your current work, in any way related to these issues?




Sometime more indirectly, but yes.


In the last two years i have been reading and studying about infrastructure and its power. ‬‬‬ We are about to start planning our upcoming transmission with

which will happen in Miami from a boat traveling the canals as we converse about sea level rise and Miami's waters-cape.


It will be a two day broadcast from sunrise to sunset.


That sounds really great.


How do you personally feel about sea level rise?


Miami used to be under water before.‬‬‬




So you don't mind if it goes back to the way it was?


I don't think is about if "i mind" is about having that in mind.‬‬‬


‪Is about understanding the cycles that are occurring with or without us. Thinking about our impact on these cycles and our collaborative behavior with them‬‬‬


I heard something yesterday that had an impact on me and it is somewhat related.


Within our bodies, when a cell is harmful, the entire body is focused on attacking it. I can't imagine it being any different at the scale of a city or larger mass of land. At the scale of the earth even.


If we are polluting, the entire organism will focus on getting rid of us.


We are focusing on getting rid of ourselves.


I'm not sure it is a conscious thing.‬‬‬