Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








RAMOS:  ‪Good morning‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪howdy


RAMOS:  ‪thank you for joining me‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪you are welcome‬‬‬


lets do this


RAMOS:  ‪do you prefer to start with Practical Life or Dirty Dreams #3‬‬‬?


TWEEDY:  ‪makes no difference‬‬‬


but the battlefield video can be summed up simply with


I <3 videogames


RAMOS:  ‪i don't' know


perhaps more like "I love shooting people down"


TWEEDY:  ‪i cant afford an xbox-one at the moment so putting together videos with my footage of my friends game playing is the next best thing‬‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪i don't believe you‬‬‬


juxtaposing killing scenes with Dancing Queen


TWEEDY:  ‪its not just the shooting, its all the interactivity ‬‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪what about the song?‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪the game developers are from Sweden so...




RAMOS:  ‪ha - i didn't know‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪im lying that didn't occur to me until after the fact‬‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪well i thought it was more like Dancing Queen came out in 1976‬‬‬


before video games


when interactivity looked more like dancing


TWEEDY:  ‪haha jesus‬‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪lol‬‬‬


why is killing so appealing?


TWEEDY:  ‪you can make anything "art" if you do enough creative scrutiny‬‬‬


i don't know ive never killed anyone


RAMOS:  ‪but you've played the game right?


so you've killed virtual beings


explain how you are scrutinizing in this case


TWEEDY:  ‪no i was talking about you‬‬‬


you are the one looking for "meaning" in a video i put together because i thought it would look "cool"


RAMOS:  ‪I am not looking for anything‬‬‬


I find meaning in it without trying


TWEEDY:  ‪and the only audience i had in mind when making it was my friend who's game footage i was using


because i thought he'd get a kick out of it


RAMOS:  ‪then why didn't you send it to him instead of posting it on vimeo?‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  because i think its good, from an editing aspect


it wasnt meant to be any social commentary


‪maybe you should be asking yourself these questions


RAMOS:  ‪sure... what questions should i be asking myself?‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪and it was more for youtube‬‬‬


there are a slew of videos just like it


RAMOS:  ‪would you like to move on to the next video or are you going to tell me what questions I should be asking myself?‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪we can move on‬‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪Dirty Dream #3


Mike Tweedy

Dirty Dream #3, 2014

Video Montage, 4 min., 06sec.


TWEEDY:  ‪when i was an editor in the adult industry i had a lot of access to footage i normally wouldn't and so i thought id put together a video using porn that wasn't porn


RAMOS:  ‪so this young lady is a real porn star‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪yup‬‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪i don't know why i thought she was a prostitute‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪haha‬‬‬




RAMOS:  ‪i guess because the men in it were blurred out‬‬‬


so they seemed unequal or unimportant or anonymous consumers


TWEEDY:  ‪thats weird‬‬‬


well yeah that was the intention of the actual site‬‬‬


to give the impression of spontaneity


RAMOS:  ‪really... i didn't get that at all‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪but actually now that i think of it i blurred out the faces for the video‬‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪it doesn't seem spontaneous if you are paying for it‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪well have you visited the site?‬‬‬


well no one's suppose to be "paying for it" shes not suppose to be a hooker


these questions should be addressed to bangbros


RAMOS:  ‪let's keep this conversation within the constraints of the video‬‬‬


she is being used


she is not proud of what she does


she is not too different from a video game


an interface for other's pleasure


TWEEDY:  ‪is there a question in there?‬‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪is that what you intended with the video?‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪porn is no different than a videogame same as movies or television... entertainment


i had no intention


RAMOS:  ‪there is a difference‬‬‬


porn is using real people


video games are virtual people


let me ask you something


TWEEDY:  ‪movies, TV‬‬‬


‬‬+graphic sex‬‬‬


minus plot to story


RAMOS:  ‪when you kill virtual people


‪do you identify them as real?


TWEEDY:  ‪thats an offensively stupid question


so yes.  i imagine they are real people


and when i kill them i get en erection


RAMOS:  ‪let me as you another question‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪haha‬‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪do you think porn stars are acting?‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪of course‬‬‬


i know they are


everyone does


RAMOS:  ‪i never saw it that way‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪we pretend they aren't for the fantasy aspect


RAMOS:  ‪that's a bit twisted I guess... i never saw them as actresses


and maybe that's wrong on my part


TWEEDY:  ‪thats weird‬‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪i know‬‬‬


it just seems so personal, intimate, invasive, raw


TWEEDY:  ‪i feel like im talking to an A.I. that is trying to understand what it is to be human


are you a robot Olivia?


RAMOS:  ‪you are making feel like one


and maybe that's a good thing


maybe i can seek to be more human after this conversation


what a gift


so you said you had no intentions making this video


how can that be true


how can you make something without intention?


TWEEDY:  ‪just to be dramatic‬‬‬


cause i think its funny


RAMOS:  ‪it seems like you have a layer of indifference over real feelings‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪i wish‬‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪and you call me a robot‬‬‬


so you don't consider yourself an artist?


even comic relief can be a form of art


TWEEDY:  ‪i am very emotional about many things but porn and videogames are not one of them


well maybe videogames because i love them so


and not because of the violence. theres amazing storytelling in them


and art and creativity beyond anything i could ever do myself


but with videogames you still get to be apart of it


youre less of a voyeur


RAMOS:  ‪do you find video games a way to escape your reality?


TWEEDY:  ‪are you kidding?


RAMOS:  ‪no‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪yes Olivia‬‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪is life not like a video game already?


TWEEDY:  ‪and thats what art is.  its interactive art‬‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪video game = art because it imitates life in an abstract form?‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪its art when compared to anything else considered art


and if someone has trouble seeing that i really don't know what else to say


RAMOS:  ‪i don't care one way or another so i'm not trying to push for one school of thought in particular‬‬‬


i guess i'm more interested in the escape factor


TWEEDY:  ‪i don't even see it as a school of thought.  it just is.


there are things that are, and there are things people are ignorant of.


RAMOS:  ‪and all that can be the same thing‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪and those are the same thing.‬‬‬




RAMOS:  ‪we are in agreement‬‬‬


but why do we need so many avenues of escape


porn, video games, TV series, drugs, relationships... etc..


TWEEDY:  ‪its up to the person to decide which or how many avenues of escape they need‬‬‬


when it comes to the abundance of art i think thats contingent on how many people there are with the ability and desire to create


RAMOS:  ‪and the ability and desire to consume‬‬‬


TWEEDY:  ‪different strokes


well thats when profit comes into play


im not getting into that


RAMOS:  ‪we don't have to‬‬‬


it's pretty obvious


TWEEDY:  ‪hahah‬‬‬‬‬‬