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Conversation between Agustina Woodgate and Misael Soto.


Image Woodgate found Online.

‬‬WOODGATE: ballon_walk.jpg


today in the morning i saw this


SOTO: hmm... maybe it's living in this internet day and age, but i'm not that impressed


are you serious!!!! dud is walking on air!


ah! you see the poetry in it...


it is beautiful in that sense.


we have a parallel world


i am interested in when these two meet


you know.... sometimes they intersect


intersect looks like insects


same letters?


that poetry i appreciate more


it’s this wind that’s coming in that reminded me of that balloon picture


i see.


so you are referring to a parallel world which we cannot see?


what are these two worlds exactly?


well actually, there are even more worlds... now that i think about it.


but the word world is a little strange, maybe spheres




you were not impressed because you spend time on the internet


what is it about the web that makes things unimpressed you?


just this never-ending amount of "shocking" "disturbing" or even "new" imagery that desensitizes


or maybe a better way to put it is that it pushes us to evolve at a faster rate... which pushes generations further apart


makes us more different faster


like teens now aren't impressed by much, compared to us


pushes generations further apart...


that refers to people, traditions and the way its transfered


today transmission goes online


remember when Teddy Abrams made the comparison between the music we were hearing and rock and roll.




sorry for caps




i think it was warranted


can u elaborate on that further?


the correlation between what Teddy said and online dissemination of information


it just made me think about the complexities of cultural transmission and the connection between generations


the music these musicians are playing is old.


but if played in an updated way, it can become contemporary again?


give it some added poetry


maybe the added poetry is not needed...


if it is still relevant then it is contemporary


Garden Music Festival, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens, Miami, Fl

Collaboration between Misael Soto and Agustina Woodgate and Resident Musicians

January 9, 11, 15, 17, and 18, 2015


then what were we doing there?




blending boundaries




not adding or enhancing, but pushing


i really like how playing makes sense in both music and game


yup, me too


i always go back to that word... even it makes me sound dumb


same here


we were moving very freely


yes, it felt like a new form


even though its not... not really


i know what you mean, but it did feel like free play


no pressure


which is how it should always feel, no?


even the Chihuly’s started looking good




we were (on a creative) high


i think it was the garden effect


all that pollen in the air


there is something about garden architecture and design that is meditative. they makes so much sense


you must have seen some good ones on the other side no?


other side?




oh! yes... definitely


with different, though universal sensibilities


Fairchild looks like the amusement park style garden...


remember how they cover the buildings... illusions


yes! it's all a show


even if it's just plants


the plant show


uh huh


played for sure... in what we did


I recently wrote a poem






Plan  t




what kind of poem is that?


no se... a conceptual poem?


that's it... it just is.


i feel as though i'm just now developing how to channel "it", how to flow with it, listen to it.


how do i explain...


well, this idea we spoke about during our project at Fairchild (which has really stuck with me, and has been an exciting badge of sorts to wear going into the new year)


...about how our studio practice is doing. it's in the world as much as or more so than it exists in a physical studio


it's really hard because the world doesn't work this way. we have to make it and do it for ourselves


you're much better at this than i am


no limits




you can't sketch these things. the outside is the test site


we were running a series of experiments and the only way to try them and learn from them is by doing them, making it happen


AND not giving a shit about it appearing like a finished project.


miss!!!!! are you kidding!!!!!


what we did there was such a little test. We are ready to take it next level and I can't wait!!!


omg. me too!


and of course we care what it is in the moment. we have our aesthetic sensibilities after all, but we have a simultaneous need to see it as part of a larger practice


like you said, a sketch that leads to a greater piece, which leads to a greater one, etc.




can you imagine an entire orchestra in full camo suits


i would die


straight to heaven




we are one step closer to doing so :)


we always are and that's important to keep in mind


...and oh so easy to forget


how long have you been working this way?


or rather... how long have you been evolving this style of practice?


maybe always... but i am conscious now, before it was intuitive


a very important distinction


i think i have as well, but to be conscious about it allows us to calculate it and stay focused


my brain is bouncing on thoughts


spit them out!


i am thinking in scattered ways


when you do something, and then you set yourself to do it again, it is never the same. never


sometimes I find myself more excited about the future than the present


as if these types of sketches enable to imagine the bigger pictures, the potential


yes! i can definitely relate to this


i find, as long as the excitement continues to translate into some kind of reality in the present... it's ok


gotta keep moving... like a shark


thats why it felt like we were playing, no?


yes! and that the future from those pieces is going to be really good




i kind of continued with some of those idea in Mexico at the Material Art Fair last week...


How nice. Me too. We both had in mind the other, the audience, the listener. Contextual artists


yes yes. we are


what is it that stayed with you the most?


well, i'm in a really good place in this sense (much of it thanks to a continuation of the spirit of our collaboration). in a place where i can create ways to experiment in the world.


i've been obsessed with a hyper awareness within an arts context... both in a museum and, after Mexico City, an art fair setting... and doing performative works freely which i see as building towards something greater and greater.


not all of them as successful as others... but i would never know otherwise, not truly


so, what has stayed with me the most? Freedom


so nice to read you




also, the collaboration with the musicians is interesting, don't you think


their dialogue is quite different, but at the same time, the creative spirit is there


oh, for sure! such a fascinating curve ball


i haven't met people that talented and creative that were so different than "us"


and they see us with those same eyes, so there is this exploration atmosphere that sets a stage for great connections


its like a third platform opens up


ultimately fulfilling for everyone involved


yes! another example of the possibilities that exist in the world... you just have to keep telling yourself they're there and i believe you'll keep finding them


but it’s not only the people, but also the places.


don't you think?


i mean.... people are buildings




yes i agree


i guess i'm just thinking how you ultimately have to convince people to make things happen


context implied


i also see it as part of a play in the theater way.


using the musicians as tools, in a way


yes… we played them and they played instruments


what a joke.


new poem:






i'm interested in adding more and more "play"s to that


we found three for now right?


easy, yup


for now...


i guess we need to keep on playing to find them