Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.











For September, Adler Guerrier, Blaze Gonzalez, Willie Avendano, and Olivia Ramos, contribute their discussion about their practice.

Adler Guerrier

Untitled (Orchids and Boutonnieres), 2010

Watercolor, graphite, collage, and solvent transfer on paper.

30 x 22"

Gonzales and Avendano in conversation with Ramos

Blaze Gonzalez and Willie Avendano

Escapism, 2014

Video, 15 min., 49 sec.


Ramos in conversation with Guerrier

Olivia Ramos

Systems, 2014

Oil on Canvas

18 x 25"


Adler Guerrier


‬Miami-based artist Adler Guerrier (b. 1975) works in a variety of media, including sculpture, photography, prints, and collaged works on paper. Guerrier’s practice investigates the mutability of text and image and the variability of meaning. He is as interested in politics as he is in poetics, and his work explores the rich territory between them. Often using Miami as a physical site and an embodiment of realized (and unrealized) moments in American political and social history, Guerrier examines, repurposes, and sometimes fictionalizes the city through his work. Guerrier’s oeuvre is expansive in its engagement with the urban environment, art history and materials and this exhibition will bring together a selection of work from the last decade of his career alongside new work produced for this presentation.



Blaze Gonzalez


Blaze Gonzalez is a native Miamian, artist and designer. Gonzalez's work is inherently conceptual, minimal and abstract. Her use of vague aesthetics contradicts the incisive profundity present in her work. With a BA from the San Francisco Art Institute, she infuses her background in cultural anthropology, urban design, and visual art to create 2d and 3d work. Her work has been displayed internationally, most notably at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Miami River Art Fair, and the Chelsea Fringe Festival.



Willie Avendano


Willie Avendano was born in Miami, Florida in 1989. Avendano works in the medium of sound, video art, and projection mapping. Avendano competed a BS in Computer Science at Columbia University in New York City in 2012. He has shown work featured at the Pew Center of Humanities: New Spaces New Formats in Philadelphia, at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, has work featured in the Women and Performance Journal, and has given lectures and workshops at iii Points Festival and Miami Beach Urban Studios in Miami, and at NYU in New York. He currently lives and works in Miami.