Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Eric Schoenborn and Olivia Ramos.


Eric Schoenborn

Screen-shot from website

Virtual Reality Curated Experience.

RAMOS:  ‪Hi Eric!‬‬




Thank you for joining us‬‬


i'm tripping out on your site




That is its intended purpose.


‪please tell me more about this‬‬


Each of these pieces is intended to be tripped out on.


They're like songs and films and games wrapped into a new media type that you can just trip out on.


They're super tech in the backend of it but are meant to be just enjoyable experiences.


like if you could download a campfire storytelling experience


You want ore specifics on that particular piece?


‪but in this case it is not linear like a campfire‬‬


it sort of jumps at me all at once


as if the entire story is told in a snapshot


‪right, definitely not experienced linearly‬‬


it definitely jumps all out in 3D


The comparison to the campfire is that the interactivity of it is just sort of loose and chill


not really a game


not a super informative big data monster infographic interactive storytelling machine


just a fun little thing


maybe browser toy is a better description


i just hope people walk away feeling like that were just sitting around a fire ... all zoned out like that


i am totally zoned out


Eric Schoenborn

Screen-shot from website

Virtual Reality Curated Experience.



if you have VR equipment or it gets projected big it's even more zoney‬‬


‪tell me about VR


what is the benefit of leaving reality


and being in one of your virtual camp fires


maybe not benefit - but intention


is it as simple as - it's just fun?


i feel like theres more to it


‪the intention is definitely more than just fun, although that is certainly, part of it, or at least entertained ... trying to make new entertainment media types‬‬


and the benefit or intention is to engage that sense of wonder and imagination that get added to stories told around the bonfire ... and inspire people to want to have stories


Like a song that's fun, but still inspires you to do something


‪i just uploaded my own video‬‬


‪in my case i want people taking road trips‬‬




‪that's pretty amazing‬‬


why does the bird and the planet always stay?


so your memory is like a 3d snowglobe now‬‬


i think i am stylizing it just to add a storybookness to the environment


Dr Suessish


Also give a sense of depth in 3D


So the VR part is more pronounced


and really, the VR for me is more AR


how so?‬‬


‪because reality is cool with me, i just want to augment it‬‬


i think the VR comes from the equipment


but it's sort of just 3D storytelling with some built in moves and gestures


i like the idea of bringing magic layers onto reality


like reality is very hackable






all that


have you looked into magic leap?‬‬


‪i get the feeling it will blow every VR hardware out of the water‬‬


‪yeah, super cool‬‬


i think the VR thing is like a community


and i want to make things that are super beautiful and fun in that format

because these worlds are already 3D that I'm making


but I think the AR thing, where we can all be in a room together that is all projected


like we are standing in a magic leap


that's the experience


now watching movies and such on magic leap


forget it


it's over




i don't want to isolate everyone, i want people to hang out together but still have magic things happen before their eyes


i want to allow people to meditate if that's how they like, or since these are like little media types you can enjoy on any device, then you can do it your way ‬‬


but the ultimate version of these web inks involves standing inside a projection mapped environment


the campfire


or proverbial campfire


‪i see that - with magic leap, for example, which is a projection on the eye - you can be anywhere and experience the same thing‬‬


moreover experience the same thing with different backgrounds


people in a way don't have to come together to experience something as one


‪oh yeah, so sharp and real‬‬




i think these pieces are from the same school of thought when done properly

especially as people can actually control the pieces themselves from not just gestures and sound but from their phones and apps within these apps


so when you have the resolution of leap, it's awesome


also you don't have a headset


but one of my pieces is an interactive skatepark


and it is all interactive and augmented reality and such


but you couldn't wear Leap or VR and enjoy it


because you


would crash


‪lol yes‬‬


‪but entertaining the fuck out of a group of people wearing leaps, yeah im for that‬‬


well i think leap can be delicate to allow for certain information to enhance the existing landscape‬‬


yeah the AR stuff


no doubt


‪and the sensor game is so cheap now ... like 30 dollars and you can have a little sensor in the room that does humidity temp spinning speed sound light color and it can add to all the other info already layered on us‬‬


but these sensor just make it super duper easy to design on top of and add into things like info enhancing landscapes stories and experiences


‪right - but you are totally taking people out of the reality‬‬


‪yeah ... kind of opening a worm hole‬‬


or developing a new sense


‪i'm not sure why i have this tendency to go back to reality‬‬


to say - ok - this new sense will make reality different


i can't seem to let go of reality


sort of fighting detachment


or complete detachment


as if at some point i won't be able to return


reality is cool . i like it a lot . i just think there a lot of things in reality you can't see or could be interpreted using these new tools ‬‬


like giving people brujo powers as they hear a story


oooh, the no return thing is real for all this stuff already


‪i think there is a serious issue with people who are already in virtual reality with their persona online on social, etc‬‬


‪they are loosing a sense of who they are‬‬


‪maybe some virtual experiences could make it worse‬‬


for sure


everyone is super susceptible


‪well - i think loosing a sense of self is positive‬‬


‪exactly ‬‬


‪but creating a fake sense of self is dangerous‬‬


‪lose yourself in a moment like a movie‬‬


don't pretend like you made the movie


‪lol or that you are the hot chick in it‬‬


oh, yeah already where the whole world is for sure‬‬




and the VR makers of the world will target that for sure


‪right - that can be dangerous‬‬


just like bad pop music marketing targets people that just want to be in on that popular thng‬‬


VR can make the ego more powerful


and has potential to deflates the ego and make everyone more united


‪that's amazing‬‬


it could with the right interface


and probably people would have to look bad publicly for it to fully stick, so we'd have to trick em into it with something fun


but yeah, you could make humbling scenarios to put people through


‪yeah I mean it is a very small opportunity - sort of like the present moment - it is tough to stay in‬‬


the ego wants to be better than or worse than - so this humbling experience has to be very careful not to victimize


we are constantly in the past or in the future


what i'm saying is


if you can connect people with this experience - it is a power worth exploring further


i'm still a bit confused about the bird and the planet.





Eric Schoenborn

Screen-shot from website

Virtual Reality Curated Experience.



‪if you go to the one that is the live camera‬‬


you can talk to it


and wolves


and birds


and alligators


and icosahedron


and skulls


and a bunch of other stuff


palm trees


will appear


so they are like storyworld elements that get layered on


and if this was full VR super experience you would be inside a Borges story

or a Dr. Seuss book


same with the projection thing, it builds empathy i suppose .. but more in the way that a live conert that everyone is enjoying does


‪and if you add narrative to these environments, you can hypnotize people for good.