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Conversation between Marilyn Rondon and Olivia Ramos.


Marilyn Rondon

"Zine Shrine"

Photography Series,2005- 2015

RONDON:  ‪hey‬‬


‪im here‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪hi Marilyn


thank you for joining us again - it's been exactly one year


and back then were also talking about Zines


time flies!‬‬


‪tell me about this year's Basel plans‬‬


‪this year i decided to be a bit more low-key than last year. I'm not exhibiting any work, Instead I've decided to co-curate a zine stand at showroom gallery, a new gallery in wynwood - the gallery is launching during basel but will be around for the following 5 months after basel


i might also dj a few events but nothing locked in yet, i'd like to actually look at art this year vs. focusing attention on myself and my work, thats what next year is for


‪tell me more about the zine stand at showroom gallery‬‬


‪I contacted basically artist whose work i admire that have been making zines for years. we have over 50 artists including names like Cali Dewitt, Peter Sutherland, Heavytime books, Nina Hartmann.. I'm super excited about it.‬‬


My last year in New York I worked at "the Newsstand" it was a zine stand located at the Metropolitain/ Lorimer stop in Brooklyn off the L and G trains and became very involved in the zine community and made these contacts while I was there.‬‬


I learned a ton about self-publishing and different ways to approach showing work as an artist, I feel super fortunate to have been a part of that project.

It actually just got recreated at the MoMa in NY, super excited for Lele and the rest of the 8ball zine gang that has an opportunity to be a part of something so wonderful.


‪it really is‬‬


what is your favorite part about zines?


‪everything, making work that I get to dictate 100% and have total creative freedom over. My zines are pure 100% my vision and I love sharing

it with people.‬‬


it inspires people


anyone can make zines


thats what its about


sharing your creative vision with friends and fans


you can do that online... why is the physical object so special?‬‬


for that reason exactly, everything is so quick to be put online, with zines you share your work in a tangible form. I like making my zines in small runs/ limited editions, it makes it more special, intimate with the collector‬‬


‪i completely agree - there is also something very informal and timeless‬‬


plus i always fear the Internet is going to disappear some day




and print is far from dead


i say the same thing about film


which is why i refuse to ever buy a digital camera


that makes sense


in a way zines are like little films


every page is a frame to a gesture or narrative


and the user controls the speed




you can make zines in editions of 10-1000


its entirely up to the artist


that freedom is so important while making art I feel


right - they become precious objects


and if you are a fan of the artist then it very special because it is personal


you choose the capacity you want you work to be viewed at. I can post a million photos of the zines i've made online, but I know for "dat ass", I only make them in edition of 69 and if you didn't buy one, too bad. it's not being re created‬‬


dam i should have kept that copy i gave to Sugar ...‬‬




‪I know you are working on a book


and you don't have to talk about it if it is not ready to talk about‬‬


‪yes mam‬‬


but what is the difference between a book and a zine?‬‬


‪well! I got a copywrite on it, and have a few offers on the table by a couple of publishers‬‬


I am so happy to say that


i've been working on my book for over 3 years and to reach this stage is a goal come to reality and I am incredibly proud of myself


the difference between my book and any zine I've made is that I will have no control over the amount of copies made, I want it to go global


if i can make millions of books great


if i only make thousands great


with publishing a book through a publisher vs self publishing, is they do a lot of the heavy work. and you split the profit


vs with zine production, its mainly a labor of love and if you break even thats an accomplishment




so theres also a level of detail in a book


because once it is out, you can't change it


as opposed to a zine that can be altered and reprinted


exactly, which is a really scary thought but with this book in particular, it was such a labor of love and I took the amount of time I did with it that it's literally perfect, my potential publishers want to publish it as is, which is rare, usually publishers will make you change everything around. I get to keep my creative integrity and make a product that i've envisioned‬‬


i am so thrilled, I literally am dying to make it public already lol


‪are you allowed to share one of the spreads with us?‬‬


not yet, it's still too soon... i wishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh‬‬


got it‬‬


making a book for children, I will add, is not as easy as it sounds. I've wanted to make a children's book since I was a child, this is literally a dream come true.‬‬


‪i will disclose that i've had a glance and it is amazing... i can't wait to have one‬‬


cant wait to give you one!‬‬


so then lets talk about Basel ‪


tell me more about showroom gallery and what we can expect in the next few moths‬‬


‪the gallery is also hosting my first photo exhibit, I've been shooting since I was a child, and I am really excited to show my work in a gallery setting. I usually show my art so to show my photography is different.‬‬


new for me


also a reason I decided to not really do much for basel was for that reason exactly


I've been shooting more than ever


oh you mentioned earlier you weren't showing any work!‬‬


photography is work‬‬


well the photo show is next year‬‬


january 2016


‪ohhh gotcha


well since we are talking about it... can you share one with us?'


‪a photo?‬‬




i just got back 10 rolls of film!‬‬


id love to lol


how do i attach a photo on gchat lol?



Marilyn Rondon

"nothing was the same"

Photography Series,2005- 2015


oh wow‬‬


‪does that young man have your flower tattooed on his leg?‬‬


yup, i tattooed it on him‬‬




that is a very personal picture


hahhah yea, most of them are, thats why im a bit nervous about showing my photography, it's super personal, and sexual‬‬


‪i am a bit lost for words, which is a good thing‬‬


‪hahahhaha yesss! i like shock value, i think it's good to shock people‬‬


‪the blood definitely has a shocking impression at first‬‬

and it is very loaded with discomfort and beauty


well the crazy thing about this photo is he's also wearing a red condom, which you wouldn't know if i hadn't told you‬‬




‪thats kinda why i even took the photo‬‬


i was like woooooooooah siiiiiick lol


‪right... i thought it was all blood‬‬


‪just happened to be good timing i suppose, disposable right next to me‬‬


‪i think it is a great picture‬‬


contemporary, taboo


nobody wants to stop having sex when periods come around


he was also my boyfriend and he took crazy, i mean finger in my ass kinda crazy photos of me too so i felt i wasn't really crossing boundaries when i took it‬‬


‪he seems really comfortable in the shot‬‬


‪he was as much a pervert as me‬‬


that is important‬‬


yea, i guess it just took me longer to admit‬‬


‪there is a bit of a stigma when it comes to women and perversion


women and masturbation


‪i mean, what would people think! im taking photos like that but also writing a children's book... do i need that kind of judgment?‬‬


‪i feel like men have created those stigmas


or society as a whole




who knows, its absurd in my opinion


yes... and i don't know why... i can't put my finger on it‬‬


must be a control thing


keep us under control


who knows




before we end... i want to know about a few specific zines i should check out during Basel


give me a brief on your top three


haven't received any yet... im excited to see what people have been working on though!‬‬


the deadline for zines is next Saturday which means everyone is going to contact me on Friday asking for an extension..... artists lol


got it... cutting it close‬‬


do you foresee making a zine of your photography?


‪yea! but i think actually a book  ‬‬