Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Jeffrey Millett and Olivia Ramos.


Olivia Ramos

Four Dimensions, 2015

Oil on Canvas

34 x 44 in.

RAMOS:  ‪The piece is called "Four Dimensions" and it is Oil on Canvas 34x44in.


MILLETT:  ‪tell me about the title




Exploring my perception of the different dimensions I have access to.


There's the 3rd dimension, which most people's realities are lived - confined by man-made structures that guide both physical and spiritual energies


then the 4th dimension, some people have access to, which allows some flexibility in the boundaries


the 5th dimensions, a system of conscious energies, without confinements or hierarchies, that share information


and the 6th dimensions, which is mostly inaccessible to me, but I can imagine as amorphous and undefined by systems


‪thats a mouthful‬‬




‪i guess i can describe them in a simpler way:


(3rd) normal people, (4th) spiritual people, (5th) spirits or masters, and (6th) God


and how do relate to this painting?‬‬


the 3rd dimension, or normal people, are at the center of the circle... depicted by a rigid grid.


The 4th dimension, or spiritual people, are the next outer layer of the circle and the grid is now distorted and therefore less rigid.


The 5th dimension, or the spirit world are those concentric circles that link to one another.


And the 6th dimension, or God is at the corners of the canvas.‬‬


a map?‬‬




i am comfortable with that


a map of energies and how they work in each dimension


its very spatial‬‬


‪yes, it is very much a map...


i did not think of it as such until you said it‬‬


your a cartographer of spiritual dimensions?‬‬




wish i could put that on my resume


‪i'm sure it will be somewhere‬‬



so...i feel like this was kinda intuitive, its beginnings as a work


is that fair?


‪absolutely - had no idea it would be this when i started‬‬


‪and now it seems you have something that is functional‬‬






‪yes - i can see that - sort of makes me want to explore beyond the map‬‬


i think its great, it wasn't negative, just an observation of your path to discovery‬‬


‪oh i didn't take it as a negativism at all - the map is very useful, couldn't be anything else without it‬‬


why do think, or is it even, necessary for such a map?‬‬


‪just like floor plans are necessary to understand a building


it is a way of organizing an experience of a space without overwhelming information intake


it is a way of removing the thing from the experience of the thing


not sure if that makes sense




is it successful?


‪it makes me very uncomfortable but it allows me to move forward‬‬

it is not an end but a means to a process


a beginning to a new beginning


and in that sense yes, i would say it is successful


uncomfortable how?


‪part of me looks at it and thinks "this is ugly" but i like it anyway


it's as if it didn't matter because it has so much information for me


‪i think it works, compositionally and aesthetically


i think its important for you to develop works that functions in some capacity


and this definitely takes a big step in that direction


‪i agree - this reminds me of some of the work I did a few years back with tape on paper‬‬


except with a lot more variables


and using intangible data - which i really enjoy


i think that work back then was "functional"


and somehow, when i started painting, i lost that - as if for me, painting couldn't be functional


and in a way, i have trouble identifying with this piece as a painting

because it's functional


well i say functional because it operates on numerous conceptual levels, has content, is educative in some fashion..


less like the functional-nes of a machine


maybe i'm using the wrong word


but it works and seems like you have a good vision on how to move forward


did i make any sense there?‬‬


‪yes - i think functional is a great word


moving forward I'd like to explore the map at different scales and at the same time i'd like to move away from the map at this scale


i don't want to move away from functional when i move away from the map

as if allowing the map to work with a sense of gravity


not sure if that makes sense


literally exploding the map




i think people would want to see that


‪with your help, i think i've found something i can call my own‬‬




i think its great discovery and direction to move forward in


how you do it will be up too you, there's so much content within the work


‪well content is endless ... i was searching for a language‬‬


yes i mean this relates to a lot of things you have done in the past‬‬

but its more crystallized in some sense




you are allowing the audience inside th work, i.e. the development of your own language


‪can't express how grateful i am for this process with you... was just looking at some past conversations... I could have gotten stuck copying Bacon‬‬


that would have sucked


its hard to see how to get some somewhere when your inside it, or consumed by it‬‬


def woulda sucked


‪you described WU perfectly there on that last sentence


that was good nice work‬‬


so glad i took suggestions


‪yea i guess your not a stubborn brat when you paint‬‬