Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Adler Guerrier and Olivia Ramos.


Olivia Ramos

Systems, 2014

Oil on Canvas

18 x 25"

GUERRIER: ‬‬so, you have been painting


RAMOS:  ‪yes‬‬, almost nine months


‪it has been a while since i was in your studio.  the images on your site are all new to me


‪especially, the works referencing the digestive system‬‬


you saw some of the work with the body/building suit, ‬‬


‪this one


Olivia Ramos

Body Suit Study, 2010

Mixed Media, 8.5 x 11"

Collaboration with Angela Diaz

‪is Systems the most recent piece?




it seems to want to link water usage to our larger landscape


i hear speak on that subject


‪it does, in this case used water


Miami takes our used water through a chemical process and then dumps it 3 miles off the beach


‪i forgot the term used by the water management for reclaimed water


hmm, we have gray waters, blackwaters, ..recycled water?


i think reclaimed is correct


gray, brown and reclaimed


‪theres blackwater‬‬


which is?‬‬


‪from our toilets‬‬


‪what about the process of injecting water back into the aquifer?‬‬


‪ouch yes that's a painful one‬‬




i understand it is for storage


and aquifer replenishment


‪i see what you mean... there are also cases in which blackwater is injected into the aquifers


‪no, disgusting.‬‬


we have generally good water management here


‪you think so?‬‬


‪i do. i have not read anything damning of the South Florida water management‬‬


‪even, in national water discussion, they are lauded‬‬


but they aren't full in charge


did you know that 47 million gallons of biomass was dumped in our waters between 2009 and 2011?


or that only 5% of our beach waters meet the national standards


no. but where did this happen?


beach water is a federal/state issue. no?


‪"Of particular concern: a nearly $600 million reconstruction of the trouble-prone plant on Virginia Key, where four spills over just three months in 2011 dumped some 19 million gallons of waste water into Biscayne Bay."‬‬


‪spill over aren't policy or the norm


the article raised questions about long term plan


‪if it was nuclear waste that wouldn't be the case


spills are a big deal


regardless, we "process" the water and dump it in the ocean


‬‬we don't


‪three miles away‬‬

yes we do...


and fishermen go there to fish because the fish are attracted to the particles


then we eat the fish


‪the system for water treatment is more than that‬‬


it may include that


but it is not exclusively that


that matters, because we do need sustainable solutions


for our long term water problems


"‪The treated effluent is discharged via an ocean outfall located three miles off the coast. Sludge is produced at this plant in addition to the sludge conveyed from the North District Wastewater Treatment Plant."


Miami-Dade County Water a& Sewer Infrastructure Report, June 2012 at p. 30.


i think your paintings offer an image of well-integrated systems‬‬


‪I am trying to live in the solution as opposed to depicting the problem‬‬


‪i do think there are oblivious folks out there who do not think about water systems


‪symptoms of bad policy tend to hide the core problem of water source, delivery, usage, treatment and re-integration


i am very sure the Miami Herald article paints a true picture


but i also read of poor leadership and delayed decisions that tend to complicated things for the future


‪i think its fair to say we are all doing the best we can‬‬

there are tons of missed-opportunities


and it is tough for monopolies to shift


water treatment can be making a lot of money from waste

the actual material


i would say it has potential to be the next oil


‪that's generous.  we are not all on equal footing.


i think leadership is county and statewide is lacking


well that could be a solution.  waste into money




‪imagine if all gas stoves were powered by methane gas‬‬


images like this


Olivia Ramos

Body Infrastructure Study, 2012

Mixed Media, 11 x 17"

and all non-edible gardens and landscapes were grown on human compost - saving the good soil for food


‪water can be filtered and reused for all kind of things - no need to mix with salt water


desalination is way too expensive


‪offer sustainability and low use from the city sources‬‬


exactly - low use from the city sources


might have to be grass roots


unplug little by little