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Olivia Ramos

Untitled, 2015

Oil on Canvas

18 x 25 in.

Ramos:  ‪the pieces are Oil on Canvas 18 x 25 in.‬‬


Millett:  ‪do they have names?‬‬


Ramos:  ‪no‬‬


if I had to come up with a name... Urban Lights or Urban Ladies


but I prefer them untitled


Millett:  ‪what do you think of them?‬‬


‬‬Ramos:  ‪I am happy with them, enjoyed your challenge to get rid of sexual organs last time we spoke


felt more connected to the work that way, it being less representative, at least in such an obvious way


Millett:  ‪gotcha‬‬


are they finished?


Ramos:  ‪yes‬‬


at least this first one is


Millett:  ‪ok‬‬


Ramos:  ‪the second one doesn't feel as finished but maybe because I just finished working on it‬‬

Olivia Ramos

Untitled, 2015

Oil on Canvas

18 x 25 in.

Ramos: either way, I won't add anything further to it


so yes, they are both finished


Millett:  ‪ok, so a few quick observations


technically, i think the large piece from last month is more successful in the paint applications..


it is 'lighter' palette wise, you seem more comfortable


‪this seems rough, like searching, its ok i think it'll just take a happy medium between the two‬‬


you follow?‬‬


Ramos:  ‪i do


i do follow, this time around I had no preconception of the outcome, at all,

and there is a sense of discomfort


and it does show in the brush stroke


even till the very last stroke i felt uncomfortable


Millett:  ‪do you have a preference in size and scale?‬‬


Ramos:  ‪I prefer working bigger, the size, them being smaller, did make it more constricted


but at the same time, I like this outcome more, less refined, as if there was less ego in the stroke


Millett:  ‪ok, so conceptually


I think the work needs more focus and refinement moving forward


which i think would also help when you actually apply the paint


more clarity (for yourself) with your ideas may result in more confidence when you tackle the next work


Ramos:  ‪sure i see that‬‬


more clarity in the idea, not in the representation of them


which i think a bit of that is happening here, more than before, as in I'm getting closer to the core of the idea


but i agree it is not very refined, I'm sort of happy with that

at least at this point


i will be interesting to see what happens when i go bigger and have bigger intentions


Millett:  ‪you definitely moved away from representation‬‬


Ramos:  ‪that was the only goal really‬‬


Millett:  ‪now the trick is to strike a balance


Ramos:  ‪yes i agree‬‬


without going back to representation


without going back to the premeditative sketch


Millett:  ‪yes‬‬


Ramos:  ‪perhaps bringing more of the collage concept we spoke of‬‬

as a tool of definition and refinement


Millett:  ‪sure, there's definitely a need for more experimentation with your technique




I think you need to keep that in mind and begin to decide if work is 'successful' or if you are 'happy' with it by asking questions


is this conveying my ideas to my audience? on its own, without me explaining it


Ramos:  ‪right


you don't see what these are about, even after knowing the narrative well


Millett:  ‪me personally?‬‬


Ramos:  ‪yes‬‬


Millett:  ‪I don't


Ramos:  ‪I'll tell you just for fun


same as before... there are female and male buildings, the females take in the light, the source, and create form with it, and the males bounce the light off from their shell


gender as it relates to urban landscapes


they are cities, these paintings


Millett:  ‪for you they are


which brings me to my last point


the more you paint, get dirty, make ugly things, make great things etc..


you will develop a syntax, a kinda language unto itself


that will communicate and engage with your audience to some degree


now its all new and we are all in the discovery phase of your work‬‬