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Olivia Ramos

Untitled, 2015

Oil on Canvas

34 x 44 in.

Ramos:  ‪are you going to ask if I'm waiting for you?‬‬


Millett:  ‪I was waiting for you‬‬


Ramos:  ‪yeah that's what i thought‬‬


what is your initial reaction?


Millett:  ‪hold on‬‬


size, medium? etc


Ramos:  ‪34" x 44"‬‬, Oil on Canvas


two female buildings surrounded by male buildings


female buildings creating sustainable ecosystem


Millett:  ‪title?‬‬


Ramos:  ‪no title‬‬


Millett:  ‪is it finished or in process?‬‬


Ramos:  ‪it is finished‬‬


Millett:  ‪gotcha‬‬


im gonna bring up the other painting on my computer, the one we spoke of last month






Ramos:  ‬‬shoot


Millett:  ‬‬you said this one is two female buildings creating a sustainable ecosystem..


do you think that is apparent and should it be?


Ramos:  ‪well each one is a separate ecosystem


no i don't think it has to be apparent


but the information is there


Millett:  ‪so how does the viewer have any context to process what he or she is viewing?


Ramos:  ‪other than reading this conversation... not much


and that's ok


for me the viewer can see the male dominated field of buildings and the contrasting female figures with green pedestal and underground aquifer or water collection or blue something


Millett:  ‪ok‬‬


two things:


‪if you didn't paint the male and female genitals would it still convey that?‬‬


Ramos:  ‪you see female genitals?


that is a good questions - no you probably couldn't tell


and maybe it wouldn't matter too much


Millett:  ‪so what matters then?‬‬


‪if everything is so ambiguous and amorphous what should I hold on too or learn, engage in?‬‬


Ramos: there is a contrast between the field and the figure


making the figure special somehow


you engage with the difference between the two


perhaps without knowing why


Millett:  ‪is this painting for you or for the world?‬‬


Ramos:  ‪does it matter?‬‬


Millett:  ‪it does


all your answers are ambiguous, general..'it can be anything' etc..


Ramos:  ‪ok then‬‬


let's say this is for me


and it doest really matter to me what the world sees in it


if they identify then great


Millett:  ‪if this is for the world, and I think it is, you need to convey your message or position without being strictly representational


Ramos:  ‪what do you mean?‬‬


Millett:  ‪you told me this painting was  female buildings surrounded by male building etc‬‬


and thats exactly what you painted


Ramos:  ‪i was describing the painting... or rather what you were looking at


should i have said... "it is a piece on the ability for the female organism to produce resources"


Millett:  ‪no‬‬


Ramos:  ‪why not‬‬?


would you still consider it representational?


i'm trying to understand how i can be less representational


i am interested in that exactly


Millett:  ‪ha‬‬


i'd say paint a female building or male building without painting:


1- a building

2- male or female genitals


Ramos:  ‪ok‬‬


i will try that


Millett:  ‪but look‬‬


‪what I'm really getting at is you have this strong position something you believe in.. then you produce a painting.. but then


you are indifferent to what people think of it or how they view it


that doesn't make sense


Ramos:  ‪what does that have to do with representation?‬‬


i have no control over how people think


Millett:  ‪so why produce a painting? will you hang it in a closet so no one can see it?‬‬


Ramos:  ‪no‬‬


i want people to see it but perhaps not be so controlling over what they get out of it


isn't that what non-representational is going towards anyway?


Millett:  ‪i understand the first part and agree, but you control everything that goes onto the canvas, no?


Ramos:  ‪well not really‬‬


that's why i didn't sketch this time as you suggested in January


i didn't imagine it would look like this


and in a way that's why this is for me


because it allows me to see my own thoughts and emotions


Millett:  ‪gotcha thats understandable‬‬




Ramos:  ‪yes‬‬


Millett:  ‪yes what?‬‬


Ramos:  ‪you said "so"‬‬


yes = giving you the word


Millett:  ‪ah‬‬


im being harsh because i feel like you are tippy-toeing around what you truly want to paint, discover and engage with


Ramos:  ‪i don't think you are being harsh


besides - how else will i get there?


Millett:  ‪and, i believe that it is for the world and not for just you‬‬


Ramos:  ‪is not just for me


i don't think it has to be one or the other


Millett:  ‪i agree but i think it needs work


this word i think will help:




how can you convey your position, via paint, without being representational


Millett:  ‪agree, disagree?‬‬


Ramos:  ‪absolutely agree‬‬


it is beyond me how that can be done, at this very moment, but that is why it is also exciting to try


Millett:  ‪definition of conveyance - the action or process of transporting someone or something from one place to another


Ramos:  ‪yes - like teleporting‬‬


Millett:  ‪yup‬‬


Ramos:  ‪teleporting my thoughts


Millett:  ‪you are the the filter or medium that these things flow through


Ramos:  ‪i gotta stop controlling the message then‬‬


Millett:  ‪and let the material be a material..let it behave on its own sometimes.....paint is tactile, fluid


let it be your friend


Ramos:  ‪i seem to have control issues with my friends


and need to let them be


Millett:  ‪ha yes‬‬


i mean aesthetically the painting works


i just feel it has unforeseen potential


to move forward‬‬