Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.









the bluezZz, 2016

Music Video, 4 min., 59 sec.

(Parachute Records)

RAMOS: Hi Tara


LONG: hey gorl






Would you send me the music video?


LONG: yea. well i have 2


RAMOS: send me both


LONG: ok cool




Music Video, 4 min., 59 sec.

(Parachute Records)


RAMOS: I'm five minutes into the first one (TRIPTIC) - and already I see a major difference in refinement, editing, condensing, structuring, and narrative from the second video (the bluezZz)


What is that transformation about?


LONG: for sure




oh shit just saw the other question




It just makes me wonder about the shift


LONG: so... sorry just trying to word this right


RAMOS: No rush at all


LONG: there is this perception of miami that i wanted to portray in the first one, and in the 2nd i needed to redirect the focus


more sincere in a way


still not saying that right but close


RAMOS: The first one is sort of a haze, a bit of a dark haze - which can very well describe some Miami experiences




I thought you were typing... Well the second some is a very specific escape


LONG: haha.. i was typing ... but then reread and was answering a question u didnt ask


yes the 2nd one is more specific


RAMOS: In the second one, the escapes are via smoking and another person - as if you had very little control of your own state of joy


Would you agree? And I mean "you" as in the character in the video


LONG: yes ur pretty spot on there


RAMOS: a state of having little power in a way seems to affect a pretty large portion of society


LONG: loss of control


RAMOS: Low self esteem


LONG: its something i'm very interested in sociologically, especially when it comes to women


RAMOS: The loss of power has a long historical trajectory


LONG: this 'damsel in distress' syndrome


RAMOS: Right and the interesting thing is - well if that other person will not make me happy - I will leave this reality entirely


I can deff identify with that


And would say that's more at the tale end of history - or not actually


What makes your second video relevant is that you are now talking about it from the contemporary view


LONG: thanks... theres a lot i start to think about when it comes to all this so excuse my ... stalling moments


RAMOS: There's no rush at all


That's why I like this format


LONG: yea its chill


RAMOS: Tell me about this Poorgrrrl character you've created


LONG: oy ve






this poorgrrrl chick is so confusing


RAMOS: Confusing to you or to me?


LONG: in general. the foundation of her being is confusion and doubt


but then...


there is this raw confidence


the kind u can only get after u been so low that u have truly felt what it is to not give a fuck for real


RAMOS: Is her poverty a monetary poverty or a mental poverty?


LONG: so poorgrrrl is like, sitting right on that line


her poverty blankets everything


poor is poor is poor


RAMOS: Well there are rich people that are poor


LONG: yes


RAMOS: And there are poor people that are joyous


LONG: yes


RAMOS: Poorgrrrl is hopeless


LONG: she kinda joyous in her physical poverty


RAMOS: Ok - perhaps also joyous in her youth


LONG: hopeless is a good term


an escapist


RAMOS: What is she escaping from?




LONG: reality


RAMOS: Isn't reality subjective?


LONG: from instagram into the real world, she is unamused.


RAMOS: Is she spoiled?


Is she selfish?


Why does she expect amusement?


LONG: her world is filled with mindless entertainment.


she is doing what she sees, kind of like a child who imitates what they see, mindlessly.


she is like the personification of a critique on entertainment, that doesn't know she is being used. .... ehh but see this is only one aspect.


RAMOS: Tell me more then


LONG: its coming lol




LONG: ok there is the part that i told you, which is this sort of absorption of her surroundings that she cant help because its so over powering, and then there is this side that is rebelling against that.


rejection of a lot of expectations or tropes/stereotypes in media.  sex = power ect.


she is basically just like, a teenager on the internet lol


RAMOS: Well I see that and I am attracted to the part where she rejects the expectation that, for example, Beyoncé is fulfilled.


And it's strange to even mention that name but it is such a force - an inverse force of Poorgrrrl




yea pop culture is fuel for her fire hahahaha


RAMOS: My question or what I wonder is - is she hurting herself as much as her inverse?


By being the inverse, is she trapped in the same game?


LONG: and that is where the work is


if you are asking what i think you are asking


RAMOS: What do you think I'm asking?


LONG: haha. are you asking ... is she what she hates?


RAMOS: Well yes - is her purpose to be free?


LONG: she will never be free




RAMOS: By being the inverse of her hate - she carries that DNA


LONG: but 4 real


RAMOS: Why not?


LONG: yes. she is what she hates


RAMOS: Why can't she be free?


Is that up to you?


LONG: she is trapped.


RAMOS: Does that mean you can't be free?


LONG: i have a much better shot then her.


her persona exist much like that of a clown, she will eternally represent that state of being.




something really major happens


RAMOS: She is a reflection - and unless the world changes she can't change


Is that what you mean?


LONG: that was very beautifully put Olivia


yea thats it