Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Joseriberto Perez and Olivia Ramos.


Joseriberto Perez

Oil on Linen

9 x 13"

RAMOS: my first impression or instinct is to ask you if this image is erotic in nature‬


‪PEREZ: the image is a small starting point towards a body or bodies‬


‪what do you mean erotic in nature? ‬


yes there is flesh-like tones, some type of image that looks like it might be crashing within itself or another


also the imagery of something within something or looking through a set of images in which another scape is discovered


‪there are two possible avenues for the eroticism and maybe you can touch on both‬‬‬


one is definitely the color and voluptuous form, the other is this subtle peep hole... if I may refer to is as such. As if part of the image or body or action is being denied to the viewer, which makes it erotic


my references are both fetish object and religious objects sometimes both, as seen in classic or modern or contemporary African island sculptures‬‬



Cameroun Hauteur: 41 cm. (16 in.)


or like the quote in La Rumba documentary.

(video 3 of 3 minute 5:33)‬‬‬‬


seeing through layers is definitely part of the experience. I wouldn’t say peep only because the view is big and all over the canvas, there are many instances that reveal different things in different ways


also, the edges on colors, lines, and forms are there to display volume, or the impression of it giving it a vessel-like form


‪the reference to the quote in La Rumba video describes a particular erotic nature within traditional Afro-Cuban dance as “avoiding the grotesque without eliminating the vital force of our natural desires‬‬”‬


‪perhaps there is a better translation for "groseria"‬‬, vulgarity would be better than grotesque‬


so you are avoiding vulgarity, while addressing the erotic, would you agree?


I’m reading a big book about the nature of the grotesque




vulgarity and grotesque are two different things.. do you agree?‬‬‬


‪in fact I would argue that while avoiding vulgarity you have actually arrived at grotesque‬‬‬


definition of grotesque #1 odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character; fantastically ugly or absurd; bizarre


definition of grotesque #2 fantastic in the shaping and combination of forms, as in decorative work combining incongruous human and animal figures with scrolls, foliage, etc


as opposed to the definition of vulgar #1 characterized by ignorance of or lack of good breeding or taste‬‬ and #2 indecent; obscene; lewd


‪would you agree that by deforming both figure and viewpoint you have achieved the essence of eroticism and this deformation is somewhat grotesque‬‬?‬


yup exactly part decorative part other‬‬‬


‪hmm I have to pick on that word "decorative".. i'm not sure what you mean‬‬‬


it has an element of decoration or arabesque patterns that shifts‬‬‬


‪what part of your work is decorative?‬‬ which elements?

the history of grotesque art is tied to the decorative arts, but decorative as a word has a lot of connotations


Wolfgang Keyser refers to the grotesque as the "objectification of the it", that "if we were able to name these powers [i.e., the demons, the apocalyptic beasts, etc.] and assign them a place in the cosmic order, the grotesque would lose essential qualities."‬‬‬


and this is essential in your work... in my opinion nothing to do with decorative or repetition and everything to do with a deformation and lack of definition


an abstraction of eroticism away from vulgarity and because of it's deformation into the realm of the grotesque




an inverse of the distortion is mentioned by Wolfgang Stechow


when he writes about the grotesque and Heironymus Bosch in the Theological Reflections book



I say inverse because Bosch doesn't leave anything to the imagination, you see a half man half fish there is no mystery. Bosch in a way demystifies the grotesque by defining it so acutely


you on the other hand leave me wondering what I’m looking at... I know it's erotic, I feel it.. but I don't know what it is... there is a great mystery


would you say you do that on purpose?


is the peep hole necessary?‬‬


does it add to the distortion or mystery?


Joseriberto Perez

oil on linen

72 x 84"