Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.











For November, Domingo Castillo, Galen Bradley, and Olivia Ramos, contribute discussions about their practice.

Lil B

Rent Due

Music Video, 2014

3 min., 32 sec.

Bradley in conversation with Ramos

Galen Bradley

Body Dump

Oil on Canvas, 2014

60 x 72"

Ramos in conversation with Castillo

Olivia Ramos

Systems, 2014

Oil on Canvas

18 x 25"


Domingo Castillo


Mr. Domingo G. Castillo serves as a Director of Philippine Associated Smelting And Refining Corporation. Mr. Castillo served as a Director of Metro Pacific Tollways Corp.


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(Bloomberg Businessweek)






Galen Bradley


Galen Bradley is an artist based out of Miami, FL. He was born in 1988 and grew up on Cape Cod until his family moved to Miami in 2003. Galen's parents encouraged him to draw from a very young age, and he would find solace in the process throughout his youth. He graduated Davidson College in 2010 with a BA in Studio Art. Early on he focused his studies on printmaking techniques such as lithography and relief printing, enjoying the intensive process and graphic image quality. He later transitioned to painting in both acrylic and oil, both of which he painstakingly avoided his whole life. Galen's work is heavily influenced by the cinema; he studied film extensively and has made several short films, thus bringing a cinematic sensibility to his non time-based media. His pieces revolve around the figurative and narrative, incorporating autobiographical and science fiction elements.