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Conversation between Federico Nessi and Olivia Ramos.


Fededico Nessi's favorite David Bowie picture.


NESSI:  ‪Hi there!‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪Hi Freddy‬‬


thank you for joining me


‪Thanks for having me!‬‬


‪i am glad you suggested speaking about David Bowie‬‬


‪it was heartbreaking to face this reality that he is no longer an active member of this lifetime‬‬


Heartbroken is exactly how I felt too‬‬


I've never reacted this way to the death of a stranger


it is hard to call him a stranger‬‬


True. Although I never met him he's been an active part of my life...‬‬


‪But I always had a hard time relating to people grieving over the death of people that were not a tangible part of their lives…. ‬‬


‪i guess tangible is relative‬‬


Celebrity deaths are so often linked to substance abuse. Although they of course remain sad, we've become desensitized to the notion of the tragic end of rock star.


But Bowie had transcended that...


Bowie had many years in sobriety... decades


one of the things i admired the most about him


Exactly. He transcended everything really. When looking back at Bowie you think of his many personas of course. Even drugged out 70s Bowie, its impossible to fit him into the rock-star mold


‪let's start there... tell me about your favorite early Bowie video‬‬


Well I first saw Space Oddity of course

David Bowie

Space Oddity, 1969

Music Video

3 min., 48 sec.

I was around 10 and remember being so stimulated by the androgynous nature of this being


This was the early 90s so I had seen my fair share of boy george-esque gender bending personalities


But Bowie was different


Space Oddity came out in 1969 right?‬‬


Yes. Right around the time of first moon landing‬‬


‪ahhh i didn't make that connection‬‬


Yeah! Space Oddity found success as the moon-landing song really..‬‬


‪It managed to humanize this event, hard to process by most at the time.


‪right.. from the perspective of the astronaut - it seems like the event was so nationalistic and political otherwise


Definitely. Or simply a concept of science fiction, hard to grasp. ‬‬


‪right... that too‬‬


its curious how "The Man Who Sold the World" came shortly after in 1970


After obsessively reading about Bowie the past couple of weeks, its hard to think of anything as not completely premeditated and linked to some sort of psychic or cosmic calling ‬‬


‪Did you know he was training to be a buddhist monk before deciding on a career in music? ‬‬


‪i did not‬‬


but it does give me a sense of comfort and trust about his work


seems like artist do that after a career in music


No, in his case his Buddhist teacher told him he'd make a more significant impact on the world through music….


He was right




Anyway, Space Oddity was an obvious intro to Bowie for me. But if I have to pick an early video that really impacted me it would be Starman


David Bowie

Starman, 1972

Music Video

3 min., 30 sec.

you think he is talking about God?‬‬


Yes. God, the universe, the creator, the unknown...‬‬


But what really got me about this video was his confidence.


‪yes... absolutely‬‬


as if he knew something we didn't


as if it was all between him and God


and nothing else mattered


‪Nothing else… and there is no doubt he was tapped into outer-worldly frequencies.‬‬


yes i can understand that - see that in his stare‬‬


his smirk


"he told us not to blow it, cause he knows it's all worthwhile"


hahahha we've sure blown in‬‬


But, yes, that confidence. As someone who's dabbled in performance, that confidence is all I could've ever hoped for.


why not?‬‬


why don't you make it just about you and "Source"


and trust that nothing else matters


‪You have to trust in the importance of your message...‬‬


‪if you trust source then the message is not yours‬‬


you are simply the antenna


i see that in Bowie


he knew it wasn't his message


he was just the transmitter


He was the messenger  ‬‬




the key is tapping into the message


not creating it from scratch


‪Having the sensitivity and patience to  be able to observe, process and interpret ‬‬


…. and then turning out something universally significant. That's the kicker‬‬


‪well if it comes from source it is universal by nature‬‬


The message can very easily get spoiled though‬‬


‪only if one tries to manipulate it‬‬


not if it's raw


Yes. It all boils down to the 'transmitter' then. ‬‬


‪keep the signal clear‬‬


his lead guitarist Mick Ronson died over twenty years ago


did you read about that?


in your research I mean


‪I knew he had died. I also knew about their undoubtedly psychic musical connection (you can see that in the Starman video) but there was so much info thrown at me the past couple of weeks, I did not do more research on Mick Ronson. ‬‬


Its funny to call it research actually


he died of liver cancer - most likely due to heavy drinking - i wonder if it had anything to do with Bowie getting sober‬‬


‪I'm curious to know how closely linked they stayed after Bowie got sober…. ‬‬


I've got more research to do.


yes.... well Bowie got sober in the late 70s‬‬


Right. Like did they lose touch when Bowie left to Berlin to work with Iggy Pop and Eno?


I have no idea….


Maybe he drank heavily to overcome the loss of this relationship


‪i think they split in 1973‬‬


he drank heavily because he drank heavily


You never know! ‬‬


Mick later played with Morrisey‬‬


‪I'd drink heavily if Bowie left me for Iggy Pop too‬‬




‪Really?? Ahh.. its seems you're going down a rabbit hole of your own...‬‬


aka - research


what are your thoughts on Bowie's last work?‬‬


‪I watched the 10min Blackstar video back in November in Miami at 5am when I couldn't sleep from jet lag.‬‬


I was groggy and out of it but accepted the fact that I wouldn't be sleeping



David Bowie

Blackstar, 2015

Music Video

9 min., 59 sec.

I actually managed to fall asleep right after watching the video.‬‬

With a sense of comfort


There's a strong presence of the occult in this work‬‬


I didn't try to over-analyze it… I just watched and listened


And all of it blew me away