Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Hugo Montoya and Olivia Ramos.


Hugo Montoya

You Win, 2015

RAMOS: hi Hugo


thank you for joining me




where in the world are you today?


Bed study do or die...





Your just in time for dessert




you are on a mini world tour right?


San Fran, Big Sur, Mexico City, NY again, and then Hong Kong?


what's that all about?


I work vacation a lot


I also treat all my travels like an ongoing artist residency...


I work for a galley out of NY and I travel with them working at all the art fairs they attend...


there a so many art fairs a year... i'm sure it gets close to a full time gig - do you think that's the main source of income for galleries today?


Art fairs can be a hit or miss


A lot of money goes into participating


an investment


it's all risk in the gallery world ... the space, the artist they choose, the art fairs... none of it has a systematic return


maybe if they have a strong collector pipeline that creates a demand... would you say that's common?


There is def some risk involved


are you represented by a gallery?


I work with a few galleries


how does that work? who gets to sell you work?


is it per exhibit and nobody sort of owns you?




I have no idea how it works for me


nobody ever buys my work...




let's talk about your work


But I try my hardest not to make that type of work...


what do you mean by "that type of work"


work that's sold?







is that you right now?






that's you in the future?


This is the newest trend


the selfie?


Little furry things on hats


ahh.. really


very strange


Selfies have been around since cameras were invented


yes... well that was a joke


so your work... does it have anything to do with exposing these funny or ridiculous trends?





dang... i am really out of the loop


Possibly exposing how ridiculous arting can be


i'm not sure i understand


how does the ridiculous hat reflect art?


Oh the hat has nothing to do with art


But you never know


is it arting because you are an artist and you are producing it?


I arted


I'm arting


We will art


i think i am starting to get it


I've been using arting for a few years now


you seem to have two sets of work that are very different


there are these selfies, montage, meme typologies


and then these sculptures





which seem to be in a gallery setting


tell me about those


A lot of people just think I'm a Facebook artist




i've never heard of that.. but it makes sense... i like the idea of being a YouTube artist


and maybe capitalizing on advertising


I like using the Internet to express myself


it is a source for potential exponential exposure


i think more artist should be analyzing this


so why do you make the sculptures?


Everyday I struggle with the idea


Why do I wanna be an artist


Am I an artist


What kind of artist am I


What kind of artist don't I want to be


But everyday I have a million thoughts of the things I wanna make


how do you want to be of service to the world?


The world is falling apart right before my very eyes at a rate which is beyond alarming...


is there anything you can do about it?


One mans dreams is another mans oppression


so no


Unfortunately not


The only thing I can do is find ways to cope...


And even by doing that I'm part of a bigger problem


yes.. the numbing problem


As I'm making things I always find Myself questioning my own existence


Cause living itself is an art form


you never said anything about the sculpture - how do these take part in your questioning process?


I was getting there


Because they are Ideas


And they help me problem solve


are the internal problems or external problems?




are they applicable once the solution has been discovered?


I'm not sure there is a solution and if there is its very grim...


have you heard of the saying: "if I am not the problem there is no solution"?




now you have... what do you think about it?


But we are the problem


We always have been


Making things makes me happy


Making myself laugh gets me through life


would you agree then that the solution is an inside job ... that is if everyone worked on being happy


perhaps we wouldn't be going so fast down the spiral




so then as an artist... you are leading by example


I don't recommend this type of happiness for anyone...