Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Hugo Montoya and Olivia Ramos.


Hugo Montoya

Emerson Dorsch Gallery

Back on Earth, 2014


MONTOYA:  ‪oh hi...‬‬


‪hi, thank you for joining me‬‬


so... this show at Emerson Dorsch


before talking about the totality of the show, do you mind telling me a little about the first instance or piece of narrative:


I walk in and see a folded plane with a glass held by a column of Goya bean cans, on the glass there is a plate holding bananas that have the word "fucking" on them


‪the bananas actually say fucking Hugo Montoya"‬‬


‪the way you entered the show was backwards...‬‬


‪the proper way to experience it , if there is a proper way, was to crawl through the cave which was a transition between two shows...



Hugo Montoya

Emerson Dorsch Gallery

Back on Earth, 2014


‪what if I was in a wheel chair?‬‬


‪one of your friend could drag you through the cave...‬‬


it all depends how bad you want to experience something or not...


‪some viewers who weren't in wheelchairs never made it through the cave


we can talk about it backwards like Pulp Fiction‬‬


‪backwards is better sometimes...


‪walking into the room and being confronted by this plane (plinth) which folds up the wall


i just wanted the viewer to be confronted by this object which doesn't really make sense


would it make sense if they knew you? bananas and black beans is so Hispanic


‪i still don't even know myself


so im not sure...


the beans and the bananas never had anything to do with each other

although i probably eat beans and bananas everyday


i had been writhing on my roommate's bananas for the last few months


thought it would be funny to have these objects that are uber ephemeral‬

ephemeral being one of those word that gets thrown around in the art world like its nobodies business


the problem solving that went into figuring out how to keep that piece of glass up was the magic moment‬‬


‪i was thinking of using Campbell soup cans but that was just to obvious




‪the bananas are a reflection of the fleeting or frivolous nature of content within the art world, not necessarily content within the work itself, but something else within the DNA of the art world


‪i don't like to think about the art world too much if not i'd just work at taco bell


and those beans would be relevant there too‬‬


‪its fun knowing that the bananas have to be swapped out every four or five days


no bananas are wasted


‪the Goya beans totally reference Goya the painter


‪ha.. I didn't put those two together... probably cause i'm Cuban and Goya makes me think of Celia Cruz


so if this is the end of the show... since we are traveling backwards, at end of it all, it's all bananas and food cans


let's discuss the next part of the show



Hugo Montoya

Emerson Dorsch Gallery

Back on Earth, 2014




there are three identical silver fountains with running water, these are on top of three identical mirror plinths that rest on the original folder plinth we spoke of earlier


the glass plinths are oriented against the orthogonal nature of the room and consequently defragments the view of the floor


what's that all about?


‪it the same time they also unify the space...


its all perspective where u sit and where you stand within a space...


‪i like to spend time in spaces that i work in‬‬


yeah they make the space interactive in a passive way‬‬


‪i like making things to fit a whole space‬‬


it requires a lot of of fine tuning


for everything to work with with each other


‪mirrors are interesting because it fits the whole space within it‬‬

as if each plinth absorbed the totality of the show and everyone that passed by it


the plinths were totally inspired by Robert Morris the king of mirror


‪what about the fountains?‬‬


‪i really just wanted to turn the whole gallery into a tropical waterfall‬‬


‪and place different objects within the waterfalls




i was being realistic


to my budget...


‪it definitely sounded like a waterfall - if i was blind I would have been fooled


‪thats why you should never go chasing waterfalls...‬‬


most my work deals with being retarded and problem solving




which brings me to that adorable picture of you as a young man


third grade...‬‬


i blame my parents...


who does that to kids...


‪prosthetic side burns and a futuristic microphone‬‬, something google would make now


‪or just good old fashioned‬‬ horseface




i had to wear those things to school...




‪the other side of the bananas had‬‬ "the truth will set you free" bruised into them


and the warped clock, is that relating that picture of you to who you are today? or a reference to Dali



Hugo Montoya

Emerson Dorsch Gallery

Back on Earth, 2014




‪its a reference to dreams baby‬‬




and some more dreams


‪theres nothing true and nothings real...‬‬


‪is that how we tie the totality of the show?‬‬


"free from your past


free of your future too


theres nothing left to rise above but you"


angels of light


untitled love song...


‪the end‬‬


actually just the beginning...‬‬