Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Matty Mo and Olivia Ramos.


Matty Mo

Gold Dip, 2016

Appropriated Canvas and Frame, Acrylic Paint

12 x 18 in.




MO:  ‪hi‬‬


can we do skype?


my hangouts isn't working for some reason


‪we do conversations via g-chat that way the raw text is what gets published‬‬




‪but if it's not working.... does Skype have a chat option?‬‬


my chat is working‬‬


we are good to go here




thank you for joining us


my pleasure‬‬


I am sure the name you go by "the most famous artist" gets questioned from time to time‬‬


is this the name of your studio? or is this you?


By now, everyone in the world has accepted the fact that I am The Most Famous Artist.‬‬


I turned a much used adjective into a noun that I own


My studio is called The Most Famous Studio




‪right - what would you say is the predominant medium in your work?‬‬


the Internet‬‬


‪that's fascinating‬‬


and contemporary


is it?‬‬




because if the internet is a medium then it is endless




and in a way you then have very little boundaries


or structure


would you agree?


‪truth is, whoever is best at using the internet to connect with the billions of people online, is truly The Most Famous Artist‬‬


well - wait‬‬


The Internet is everything‬‬


‪i guess yes - the internet is both a medium for communication, as it would be canvas or sculpture‬‬


but also the internet is content


something you can't say about the other two (canvas or sculpture)‬‬




The Internet is everything‬‬


the Internet is forever too‬‬


can't say that about canvas and paint either


right - so then what are you contributing if it is already all inclusive?‬‬


stories, experiences, emotions, connections; ART‬‬


but it's all already there‬‬


are you creating new ones?


or are you more of a curator?


MO:  ‪there are always new stories to create‬‬






‪haha yes‬‬


well this piece/performance - what does it have to do with the internet?


‪it exists because of the internet‬‬


the story? it could have been written in a magazine or newspaper.




‪the impetus -- the idea -- came to me because of the way we share our lives on the Internet, our value structure, our crafting of perception through pixels‬‬


you you still here?‬‬


im gonna make a sandwich.  thanks for the interview.


yes i'm thinking‬‬




‪this is where it ends?‬‬


you tell me!‬‬


‪well no - so because everything is in the internet, anything can be related to or inspired by it‬‬


so i'm trying to really grasp how you are an internet artist


‪im not an internet artist‬‬


i use the internet as an artist


the tool of our time


‪21st century art will be differentiated from the past by the way artists use the internet.‬‬




so what?


how do you define art from everything else that's coming out of the internet?


for example - memes


is that art?


‪better question is:  what isn't art‬‬


and to that, I have no response


neither do i‬‬


so then if everyone and anyone can be an artist or is an artist on the internet


why bother calling yourself as such?


why the fuck not?‬‬


and why bother creating a hierarchy in which you are the most famous?‬‬


again, why the fuck not?‬‬




how did you acquire $1 million?


are you going to ask something interesting?‬‬


‪if it's not interesting why did you make an art piece out of it‬‬?


how I got the cash isn't an interesting question‬‬


the answer is:  from the bank


‪you got a temporary loan for $1 million to make an art piece?‬‬


what were the terms?


‪i went to the bank and got the cash‬‬


that's it






i guess you don't want to talk about it


i personally can't go to the bank and grab $1 million


‪it just isn't really that interesting‬‬


what do you think it's interesting?‬‬




Revolution is interesting


revolutions towards what?‬‬


and from where?


the revolution of industries‬‬


‪all industries? but towards what?‬‬


what is your intention with a revolution?


revolution means change - so what is the end goal of your change?


‪It means:  a fundamental change in political power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time when the population rises up in revolt against the current authorities.‬‬


if a system or industry is broken, then it needs revolution


look at uber and hyperloop in the transportation industry


look at airbnb in the hospitality industry


look at facebook in the media industry


yup those are revolutionary and disruptive - for sure‬‬


who will revolutionize the art market‬‬?


‪ahhh - revolution in the art market‬‬


‪surely it is needed if a guy who doesn't know how to paint can become The Most Famous Artist using the power of the crowd on the internet‬‬


‪i don't think painting makes you an artist - we've already decided that everyone is an artist‬‬


what drives the art market today?


money greed and power‬‬


and all of those things are disintermediated when the crowd and the internet get involved


‪im not sure i agree with that - the art market and public opinion are very much disconnected‬‬


but i'm not saying the potential isn't there


‪they wont be for long‬‬




so the issue here - for you - is that money is going to the wrong art?


‪the renaissance and its patronage died when art became a vehicle  for the ultra rich to hide taxes and measure dicks‬‬


under the guise of celebrating culture


artists don't need a gallery, or museum, or art education these days


i didn't need any of those things


‪art education‬‬


for an artist to be included in "art history" there has to be some kind of relevance to the trajectory of the practice


do you disagree?


sure, but you don't need to learn that in school‬‬


google will give you all of the historical references you need


you don't need to learn anything in school‬‬


you don't need to go to art school to be an artist‬‬


school is a good way to manage your learning time‬‬


school can be a way to learn technique


not if it makes you a homogeneous debtor to a corrupt institution‬‬




i have my own issues with education - how education for the masses became a priority only when the newspaper came into play.


they needed people to know how to read so they can be manipulated


‪so the newspapers could profit‬‬




education then became a waste of time when television came out


so yeah, revolution. the most famous artist.‬‬


i really should get back to my sandwich