Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Jeffrey Millett and Olivia Ramos.


Jeffrey Millett

Case Study: Greenlight Capital, 2015

Virtual Model

RAMOS:  ‪it is nice to be on the other side of the crit this time


MILLETT:  ‪i bet‬‬


tell me about the image ‬‬


ok, its part of my ongoing hedge fund investigation - in this example, im looking at Greenlight Capital's stock portfolio from the first financial quarter in 2011


‪i use that given information and place it in a kinda diagram generator (the voronoi diagram) to produce what you see‬‬


and what interest you the most from this diagram? what are you trying to get out of it?‬‬


‪this diagram represents the culmination of a process or methodology im trying to establish that can be replicated and scaled


across different mediums and different types of information


a process and methodology for what?‬‬


the process is about translation and its hopeful culmination is about conveyance.. can we remove specific information from varying fields of study and produce objects they may convey that information better? or faster?


or simpler, more efficiently?


its open ended question i don't have the answer too


two things come to mind (1) the value of this particular piece of information (2) and the motive of faster, simpler, efficient, versus beautiful, intelligible, inclusive


on the value of this piece - why do I care about Greenlight Capital?


or what they are investing in?


what is the narrative behind this information, if any?


‪lets see .. lots going there‬‬


see if this helps


part of the ultimate goal is to provide a literal, real world application of the objects as communication devices, so right now this Greenlight Capital piece is just the datum, or index‬‬


over time, as more variables are applied - the index or datum changes as well


potentially it could offer insights or an educative purpose


‪as different things/events are cross-referenced with the index, say a world event, the datum could/would change‬‬


so in this particular piece, the content doesn't really matter, it is about the process. Is that accurate?‬‬


no, id say the content gives us hints as to the way these hedge fund entities operate‬‬


how so? as in what information is applicable, in general, to all or "these", hedge funds?‬‬


‪the way they disseminate risk, they are all structured differently, all have different purposes - long term or short term goals....


the big boys have their fingers in everything - politically, socially and economically


‪which i think offer opportunities to gain knowledge and insight of how things work‬‬


‪i would not say these diagrams offer stock advice for us to learn from‬‬


neither would I, but in this case, what else is it offering?


I don't think any of the information you mention, political, social, economical involvement or how things work, or long term/short term goals, is in any way manifested in this piece


would you agree?




why don't you work with content that you are interested in other's knowing about‬‬?


it seems that you have a passion to uncover certain truths


but you are not working with those


‪well i had to be able to build a device first, and be able to articulate it in a sensible and meaningful way‬‬


fair, you are testing the process, I would suggest to test the process with meaningful content because it might intertwine nicely and the process might change because of it


absolutely, thats where im headed‬‬




so let's talk about the process then


how is this process different from data visualization?


if you are dropping data into a apparatus that makes the object for you

there is no room for your interpretation


why wouldn't you interpret rather than represent?


if art is what you are making that is


‪i'm not sure where these objects lie (as far as art etc.), but they are built, three dimensional things that can be touched, felt, seen, etc. at least thats the goal‬‬


as far interpretation/art, this is not about producing a formal interesting new thing, i feel the 'art' is in the content selection, how the variables are represented, what diagrams are used, the process and how its communicated


‪three dimensional things can be a table or a computer, you can feel them and see them but that doesn't make them art, all that is arguable of course


and sure, there is some of your hand in the company you chose, the program that made the object was also your choice


but i would say there is a missed opportunity to express your passion and what you want others to take from it


and that's going beyond choosing existing facts


and towards manipulating the expression


and perhaps not in a scientific way


but through an artistic expression of the content that most interest you


i think you are limiting yourself by just producing objects of actual data


i would want to see objects of the values you find, the correlations, the implications, not the data


data visualization is more of a business venture and data interpretation can be an art form‬‬


sure, i think those are all fair points‬‬


i guess the question is - what do you want out of this process?‬‬