Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Jillian Mayer and Olivia Ramos.


Jillian Mayer

Day Off 1

Video, 2016

1 min., 56 sec.

RAMOS:  ‪hi












this idea that we can live a virtual existence is a bit uneasy‬‬


in this series you go about your life, or sort of, while wearing a virtual headset‬‬


do you think this is a reasonable projection of the future?




until things become more integrated.


‪you think this is an extreme of what might later be more subtle?‬‬


‪like virtual enhancement to the everyday experience - without the headsets‬‬


One could have said that about our current relationships with our phones several decades ago. For instance, if you told someone who had a rotary phone in their homes that soon they could carry a little phone in their pocket and communicate through camera all day long, this might have sounded extreme. But for us, that is some a part of our day.‬‬


Only extremes seem extreme.




the idea of being completely disconnected from reality - which i agree does not seem as extreme today, since most people walk around looking at phone screens - is projecting a reality for some in between balance in which somethings are real and some things are virtual....


like maybe soon half of people you see walking around are not in physical form‬‬


isn't that what you mean by "until things get integrated"?‬‬


When I think of more integration in this way, I think of a realm where we can see what we want. Like the way one can currently choose what channel they might light to watch on their tv set.‬‬


Some concept of a user-experience selected by the player.


right - i can see this as a positive limitless adventure


simultaneously, i can also see this as a gesture of lack of gratitude and/or neglect or denial for what has been offered by our environment‬‬


Everything we use, every item we engage with has come from our environment in one way or another.


Couldn't you see it as tribute?‬‬


yes i agree, and don't mean environment as a natural organic organism, it can be whatever and whoever we have around, even those things we have made... and thinking about it... sure the virtual can be an extension of our environment as well, if that's your point‬‬




like plastic surgery, is it artificial or natural enhancement?


if there is such a thing as going too far


is this particular series about going too far?


does it depend on if you are adding or taking away?


are you talking about breast enhancement or reduction?


‪i think it is all the same - removing or aggregating - it is not it's original form‬‬


But so is any type of medical surgery‬‬


Don't we need that?


All these are enhancements


‪That is the true tech hybrid, a pacemaker.


ok ok - let me scale up a bit - so if i live in an dirty city and virtual enhancement takes away all the garbage i would see otherwise


a placemaker.‬‬‬


Yes, wouldn't that be nice.


i guess my troubles with it is - the garbage is still there no?




Its unfortunate


basically, are you saying its a troublesome thing that some people will be stuck with the trash?


is that not reflective of our current global society?


no not at all - i'm saying that if we don't address the physical world and instead cover it up with shiny illusions, we might get lost‬‬


That doesn't mean everyone will abandon problem solving measures for the regular world.‬‬


‪i'm being a bit extreme, i can see how it can be helpful to integrate layers of information in the everyday experience‬‬


well maybe they will make VR experience that helps ppl not get lost‬‬






u sound a lil afraid....‬‬


yes I do, i'm going to look into that


i guess the idea of escapism is scary to me in general


it is scary to think i could wake up and find myself in an entirely different reality


let's say if technology fails someday


and i am used to the illusion


well, whats the first thing you would do if the power went out?


Probably go outside I am guessing....or go back to sleep


‪i would get really depressed‬‬


just like when tv series is over and i forget what my life is all about




ok, going to go take a steam in a steam room now.


lol  byeeeee