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Conversation between Tara Long and Olivia Ramos.


Tara Elizabeth Long

Solo Show, Performance

Special Guest DJ Allapattah Chatta

January 15, 2015

Photo by: David Cabrera

RAMOS:  ‪thank you for joining me


LONG:  ‪thank you for having me


‪i attended the performance and loved it, at least as I understood it, and with a little help from Jillian Mayer who explained that your aunt had always wanted to be a DJ and you made it happen‬‬


‪haha, sort of. my aunt had "a moment", a phase if you will, where she wanted to become a DJ. she found a video on youtube of a 69 year old lady named Ruth Flowers who dj's this heavy electronic trance and got inspired.


i told her my show could be her first gig, and so it was‬‬


that's beautiful - you made her dreams come true‬‬


at least for that moment in time

Tara Elizabeth Long

Solo Show, Performance

Special Guest DJ Allapattah Chatta

January 15, 2015

Photo by: David Cabrera


yes. a lot of my work comes from dreams‬‬


but not your dreams‬‬


‪all types of dreams‬‬


‪dreams that you have access to‬‬


‪sometimes my literal dreams. like making pancakes in a stair well‬‬


‪haha and you did that?‬‬


‪yes, haha‬‬


‪what other dreams have you done, I find it fascinating, because you are not representing the dream as much as living it


and allowing others to live it as well


yes. i think the pancake situation was the first time i did it. there was a lot going on, people were interested and confused (usually how my work is perceived) someone asked me what i was doing and i told them i was making my dreams come true. i literally was.


this is now part of my practice. its kind of like catching a bug in a bottle. i grab from current dreams or situations i am in... i grab and capture the most potent and vivid images, or people, or words, or colors, and i form them into one piece that exists only one, in a specific place at a specific time


its about the energy it creates.


would you say is the dream that you capture or the desire within the dream or perhaps another component


or maybe it's all the same thing


but the feeling of a dream, like the haziness of it can be one component, the impossibility can be another, the possibility inversely..


maybe I'm taking the word "dream" too literal


yes all of those things. and its never just one thing... like one dream, its all pieces... separate pieces, i isolate and then rearrange them together.


like a painting. these experiences i create are to me exactly like paintings. i chose everything very carefully, as a painter would choose his subject and the colors to use, and the mood. dreams give us access to something in ourselves ..


they are representations. i may not understand what they represent sometimes, but if the image is so lucid, and vivid, sometimes i like to try to represent it in the physical world. i think there is so much information we have hidden inside of ourselves and my belief is that if we study it for long enough, we would live healthier, and less confusing and frustrating lives. lol‬‬


‪idk if i am answering the questions jajaja‬‬


yes - in fact, and this might be far fetched, but your process is a lot like meditation in the sense that you are tapping into the subconscious or the higher being within us all


except you are manifesting this meditation in multi dimensions and for everyone to experience


yes. yes. i can only hope but yes i hope


‪it make me think of a future in which reality TV is capturing people's dreams on the other side of the world


and you are the precursor for that


pre-tech version


yes i am so LO-FI‬‬


‪yes you are, but it's the only way technology is made - it has to copy something real and make it faster


make it exponential - that's what technology it's good for


i think about that sometimes with my work.. a lot lately actually. i feel like exactly what you are saying... even to the point where i don't know what to call what it is im doing.


it is so much, but when people ask me, i sound like an idiot, just because the words i need don't exist yet‬‬


well i guess that's how an inventions comes to be, you have to make new combinations of words and concepts to describe it


you are literally bringing people in to your dreams


‪yes. i used to call these actions and situations mental landscapes. i made one called "landscape painting" that was so layered, and also involved people being locked in the space until they figured out how to get out.


i was also cooking and handing out spaghetti ...


psychological landscapes i guess would be more specific.


‪or subconscious landscapes‬‬


yessss thats goood‬‬


‪i like the mundane aspect to these experiences - like pancakes and spaghetti‬‬


‪always elements of , dare i say.. the BANAL ;P there is a bit of a formula to creating these pieces.‬‬


or rather, elements that, for the most part, are ALWAYS present


such as‬‬


‪like, the the "controls"‬‬


such as..


thinking of how to put this...


past, present future‬‬


back stage, on stage, viewer


that might be too general, like for example


‪something that awakens my personal nostalgia, like the spaghetti, or my aunt (no one has to know this, it is only important to the piece the way that each ingredient in a soup is important, the final taste isn't right without all the elements)


that is for "the past"


and when i say, "on stage, back stage" i mean...


‪in my pieces there is no hiding shit. the cables are part of it, the lights are part of it, the three elements of live performances are all together and you (as in "the viewer" ) are walking all around within it, no boundaries.‬‬


there may be rules but you wont know them until you break one. usually people don't, but i like to push a bit on these courtesies we have built for viewing‬‬


I think the nostalgia is crucial - like if I didn't know it was your aunt, and thought it was just any lady, it wouldn't have touched me as much, i wouldn't have felt that you made someone else's dream come true,


that really got me‬‬


‪and the back stage, on stage - this is an amazing experience to feel like if I move a bit closer I am in the dream rather than being a sort of floating conscious around the dream


in the performance, there was a huge difference being within or outside the concrete space


Tara Elizabeth Long

Solo Show, Performance

Special Guest DJ Allapattah Chatta

January 15, 2015

Photo by: Olivia Ramos


yes. and about the previous statement, i do agree it is much better to know things like, that was my aunt, these are almost like little short stories, but so abstracted.. working on ways to incorporate more of the narrative behind what i am doing


yeah, it's definitely not typing up a description


it's more like making part of the DNA




‪i mean, you had a picture of her on the wall‬‬


and i thin that's scratching at the surface

Tara Elizabeth Long

Solo Show, Performance

Special Guest DJ Allapattah Chatta

January 15, 2015

Photo by: Olivia Ramos

yes. and a digital one at that. this is where i start to enjoy making the work... for instance, these technologies were not around when my aunt was in high school (that was her high school photo) ... it also represents time in an odd and almost scary way‬‬


maybe not always scary but it becomes very real, the passing of time ... my aunt at first was not sure about putting up her picture.. she was like "thats what you do at funerals" lol. i liked that... not thinking of her as dead or anything, but ways to show time


absolutely, and just to clarify, when i said scratching at the surface it was in relation to linking the lady DJing to you as your aunt


‪yes  ‬‬


like what a picture of you and her when you were a kid could have done‬‬


but yeah - that part of the narrative I didn't think about - the potential for her being a DJ then, which was not possible


just like the potential to extract her dreams in 30 years, will be different

maybe using electroencephalography


‪totally. i thought about a picture of myself, but i realized i only wanted to be represented physically, in the present present‬‬


‪yes, oh man i want to be a pioneer of the dream recording (did u see that episode of Black Mirror or whatever where they record everything they see?? agh !


‪no but someone recommended that show


‪i don't want to record physical life so much as i want to shed light on non physical


‪yeah that's much more interesting‬‬


and definitely possible eventually


something in our mind creates images for us


they are not necessarily things that we see


sometimes they are collages or deformations of them


yup. and if we paid more damn attention to it we would understand ourselves and the world around us better...


perhaps we would tap into the collective unconscious‬‬


that would be very powerful


like a new religion


a new "source"


yes. been reading a lot about the occult and gnosticism , closest thing i have found to "practicing" some of the things i am bringing up here and in the "paintings"


but i am not interested in locking things down into one set dogma. like life things flow, there is no way to solidify and finalize, only an illusion of it


but that's the beauty of tapping into the collective subconscious - not need to define or set rules - everyone would simply get it


if everyone would tap into it that is


but you are moving towards that by brining people into your subconscious

small step for Tara... giant leap for mankind haha


‪haaaa ! yes, its crazy too how fucking determined i am to do this. took me a very long time to figure out how to participate physically in this life. i think, in my years of observation and research i have made little discoveries and i want to let others FEEL them, not just see or read, but FEEEL that shit‬‬