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Conversation between Amber Kandarian and Olivia Ramos.


Amber Kandarian


KANDARIAN:  Is this it?


RAMOS:  hi


thank you for joining me


Your welcome


tell me about DOCUinc


DOCUinc stands for documentaries


incorporated because the company uses the documentary medium to solve the problems of the world and make the dreams/objectives of humans come true.


that's a big goal


how exactly are you accomplishing this?


By making complicated knowledge sexy.


and you are making it sexy by simply converting it to video - creating a visual narrative


We are making knowledge sexy by converting it into short documentary movie trailers employing the cinematic tools of Hollywood.


and by knowledge you are referring to academic research


all kinds of knowledge, sometimes it is from the academic sector, other times it is from very complicated businesses and in other instances it is knowledge from the art world that needs to be translated so the public can digest it and understand it better.


the short documentaries "The Power of Touch" and "Building Back" were commissioned by the institutions themselves?




The Power of Touch documentary is an excerpt from the Golden Goose Awards (The Oscars of Academia) That series of academic winner documentaries was paid for by the AAU (Association of American Universities and several other governmental research bodies that want to see the continuation of research funded for future generations). Building Back was funded by the University of Hong Kong and the Mindset Organization.


so in that case DOCUinc was a medium for someone else's message - and important one for sure, but these were not necessary your cause... is that correct?


DOCUinc has always been interested in giving a voice to the voiceless.  These are two great examples of videos that gave a voice to these researchers that the world might not have understood or seen.


that's awesome




so then... as an artist


is your voice represented in the The Leaked Tape?


Yes The Leaked Tape was the first time I spoke to the camera, normally my voice is from the questions I ask the subjects, the way they are captured and edited.  The Leaked Tape was the first time I used the

documentary medium to express the bigger vision of why I have been on this journey for the past 11 years.


which is to make information available to the younger generations


and by available you mean in their language, which is based on the tools of hollywood


To make knowledge more sexy, that has been the mission.


ok you are going to have to describe what sexy means to you


because I always felt it was one of the best ways to shift the culture in a more positive direction and allow the masses a better chance of enlightenment when complicated knowledge is made cinematic and say to digest it is easier for the lay public to become emotionally connected to knowledge they otherwise would be intimidated by.


what does sexy mean to you?


Sexy to me in the context of SexyKnowledge means knowledge that is in a sexy package so a package that is beautiful or emotionally engaging due to great story telling.  I find great movie trailers sexy as well as documentary movie trailers that really get you excited about things you otherwise would fall asleep on if you had to read it in an old outdated text book.


who would be your idea client? or rather what type of knowledge do you think it's most important for the young generations to know today?


I think knowledge around the brain is probably the most fascinating right now because it is still the wild west and very unknown. It would be great to translate the latest research findings from the Allen Institute in Seattle.  Knowledge surrounding the brain has many different dimensions to learn from and explore such as addition, instant gratification, focus, memory...all kinds of current topics that are very important for the younger generation to better understand for the evolution of mankind.


this is sort of related to The Power of Touch documentary


i mean to say the Marshmallow Test


Yes the Marshmallow Test research falls into this category.


i guess ultimately you want to raise awareness of self hoping this could reflect in society as a whole


I think the video medium is incredibly powerful, it is a great tool to enlighten the masses.  In the past this great tool/medium has been used to simply numb the masses and sell products but the vision is to use the documentary video medium to do much more.  My life has been dramatically affected in a positive way because the the process of making and learning through documentary and I want more people to have the opportunity to experience this.


i can't argue with that


Knowledge is one of the greatest drugs on this planet and when it is in a sexy package you can enlighten and inspire the masses to do great things and to wake up from lives they do not love living.


i agree that video can have a huge impact, from the distribution and exposure perspective as well as the ability to capture attention, more than a book would


why documentary and not animation?


We use a little bit of animation in some of our documentaries but mainly documentary because no one dislikes documentaries, they are real stories about real people and with year's of lies from overproduced advertisements and fictional television the mass public craves truth and authenticity that is positive.  An American Family was the first cinema verite documentary released on national television and every loved it so much the networks found a cheaper was to replicate documentaries and created what we know as reality TV. That became very popular until people found out reality TV wasn't really that real. Then larger documentaries started coming out like Supersize Me and I began to see how powerful the documentary medium was Supersize Me brought down the fast food giants and made McDonalds start doing things like offer healthy options on their menus.  The list goes on but I wanted to say something about these films because we are just down beginning to see the power of the documentary medium.


i enjoy the thought of offering people awareness of their own mind


what would be your ideal consequence for the spread of such knowledge?


Can you rephrase the question?  Or give me a little more context to your question?




if your ideal information reached your ideal audience, what would be the consequence... you mentioned it was awareness of how the brain works. What do you think would happen then?


Kim Kardashian would have a PhD she would Instagram short videos about her lessons in life and academia, Nobel Prize Winner's would be the next influencer/celebrities.  The culture would work on health of the mind, body and spirit.  The next generation would be more well-rounded and find interest in things other than what they look like in their photos from their new selfie sticks.


right... so in a way celebrities are the mirrors of society


and if society had more knowledge or awareness then celebrities would reflect it


and i realize you are using the same tools that celebrities use

these "hollywood tools"


so in a away you are infiltrating, forcing the masses to learn


Exactly. (to your first answer) (for the second question) We are trying to make learning more entertaining because 61% of the population are visual learners and television and youtube videos curently teach us  about simple culture and life. Our videos are also meant to be like movie trailers so instead of the audience wanting to see the coming attraction of the next Hollywood film they want to learn more about the research/knowledge in the videos we create.