Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Yahaira Kalaf and Olivia Ramos.


Yahaira Kalaf

Air Balloobs (Google Searches series), 2016

Digital Collage

Dimensions Variable


KALAF:  ‪hello !‬‬‬


I got it… i feel a bit silly not knowing what you meant by GChat, so i googled it ‬‬‬


RAMOS:  ‪haha‬‬‬


you can always count on google


Its good to know I can count on something ‬‬‬




you actually have a menu item in your website called google searches


for example




is this an image you found?


or an image you created?


an image i created ‬‬‬


It came into conversation once


so i decided to make it happen for me visually


... sorry i'm totally looking through all of them right now‬‬‬


finger licking good - ha


Yahaira Kalaf

Finger Licking Good (Google Searches series), 2016

Digital Collage

Dimensions Variable



and nowhere with you



Yahaira Kalaf

Nowhere With You (Google Searches series), 2016

Digital Collage

Dimensions Variable



i love these


theres a subtle or not really subtle sexuality to all of your work


and it is very elegant in my opinion


even while being overt


glad you can find them humorous, i still catch myself giggling at some ‬‬‬


‪oh for sure - there is a gradient of humor‬‬‬


like blue moon for example



Yahaira Kalaf

Blue Moon (Google Searches series), 2016

Digital Collage

Dimensions Variable


‪it's not that its humorous but it is the .... i'm looking for a word‬‬‬




or outrageous


can't put my finger on it




unapologetic.. ill take that  ‬‬‬


‪i originally asked you to have this conversation with me when i saw your series on religion‬‬‬


Yahaira Kalaf

Untitled (She is a woman series), 2016

Digital Collage

Dimensions Variable



where are those on your website?


See the thing about that project ...‬‬‬


I started it as practice. I had to take a photoshop class, and our professor told us we should use our imagination really go wild. ‬‬‬


So I mean I pretty much heard "free for all". I come from a catholic background, but I'm not religious. And i guess if I did believe in a higher power it would be a Woman.‬‬‬


that's a bit bias‬‬‬


why wouldn't it be a hybrid of the two?


‪Honestly, thats a good way to think of it.‬‬‬


maybe ill make a collage that shows my lady jesus morphing


i think it would be absolutely contemporary to make collages of a new gender‬‬‬


one that based on this theory can really be more like the creator


You know before i just used it s practice. ‬‬‬


practice for what?‬‬‬


‪just to improve my photoshop skill ‬‬‬


But now since i posted my recent ones (that were flagged)


It was nice to see that people could appreciate them


‪i think if they were flagged it is a very very good sign‬‬‬


‪i mean i also got a lot of backlash which is okay with me ‬‬‬


but its good to know people could find the positive in it.


‪backlash is icing on the cake‬‬‬


Makes my heart smirk ‬‬‬


it feels great honestly


That those collages could make someone feel something. even if its anger‬‬‬


you are allowing people to explore emotion‬‬‬


or rather you are a conduit for navigating such


for me, and this is personal, it gave me great joy to not take the images of religion so seriously


i'm sure Jesus is not insulted


so why should we?


the point of spirituality or religion is to find peace and spread peace


‪I mean my mother has seen them ‬‬‬


some make her uncomfortable but they eventually make her giggle


so it allows people to not feel so uptight about such a topic


‪i can't speak for Jesus but i would be giggling too‬‬‬


Ha pretty much. But then you've got lords followers sending me to hell and cussing at me for creating these images ‬‬‬


well they need something to do‬‬‬


guess you're right ‬‬‬


when you're right, you're right


so what's next?‬‬‬


where do you plan to take all of this information?


Gonna start selling prints outside of the Vatican City‬‬‬


hah just kidding


idk maybe i'll make a church of some sorts for the face I've created


got me thinking here !


yes! a whole new religion for the future androgynous society‬‬‬