Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between MR Herget and Olivia Ramos.


MR Herget

"Democrips & Rebloodicans", 2015

oil on canvas

30 x 40 in.

RAMOS:  ‪is that Barack Obama?


HERGET:  ‪yes‬‬


the piece is called "Democrips & Rebloodicans"


so he is doing a gang sign‬‬


yes he's kind of in the moment of throwing up signs‬‬


‪that's what i thought‬‬


very loaded title and work


do you consider yourself an activist?


Hmmm absolutely. I've never referred to myself as an "activist" before but everything I do is with the idea of progression in mind. All I want to do is find truths and move things forward so in that sense I'd say yes. ‬‬


and in this case you are calling the president of the United States a gangster - how come?‬‬


‪It's more so that he happens to be the president of the United States at the moment. Our system is so designed in a way to make sure that anyone who steps in is a gangster. It's more so of the whole system is the gangster. From top to bottom. If one delves deep enough into research there's a lot that isn't being talked about on how our country is specifically designed to not progress mankind and in many cases do the opposite.‬‬


And as stated before, I'm definitely not interested in that.


would you agree that all governing bodies, across the globe, are more or less the same? or is it specifically the United States?‬‬


‪I would agree with that to a great extent, I happen to live in the United States. I will say that the United States has been more crafty than any other government in controlling a great aspect of what goes on in the entire world though. The United States is the poster child for sneakily corrupting whatever they want. Other countries do or try to do a lot of the things we do but we have gotten really good at hiding our purpose. We're like the shining honor role student that everyone loves and participates in all the school clubs and is a captain on the football team but secretly we have some crazy complexes and hidden personalities and our hobbies are lighting small animals on fire when no ones around. That's a weird analogy but I think it's fitting. ‬‬


‪I can see that... but isn't the sneakiness a necessary evil? doesn't it create a sense of illusion that we are ok, safe, provided for, protected, free... more than any other country?‬‬


the lack of sneakiness would make it blatantly cruel and unjust


‪But what if we could just actually make steps to make us safe?‬‬


‪and what if that's an impossibility?‬‬


No way. I think a change will come from outside of the "positions of power" (I'm not one of those people who complain that there's no power for others outside of the government, I think governments have just made themselves look like the only position of power) and that will correct course.‬‬


‪Everything is as it should be at the moment but what we do with that moment will progress and correct course. Trust me, I am in no way a negative individual. Quite the opposite. I don't give any of these thoughts negative energy but I think it's important to understand it fully before trying to be a part of the progression.‬‬


‪We have to approach it from a "big picture" stand point. When a government gets so deep into a point where it's actually counter productive to the laws of the universe, I think something will happen to correct course. Government, Instagram, football, etc, all these things are man made things. There are much larger rules that govern us, and if we can approach how we live with those rules in mind, we will take huge leaps forward‬‬.


‪i completely agree‬‬


as an art form, i would be interested in the manifestation of the universal laws


have you considered painting those?


‪that's what I'm all about‬‬


Are you referring to the manifestations in a political sense or just from an energy feeling sense?


‪you have the tools to bring to life that which we cannot see yet‬‬


That's a conversation I have with myself everyday.‬‬


although perhaps a representation of Obama as a gangster can be a source of identification, is it a source of inspiration?


‪Mhmmm it's a good question but that's where the rest of my body of work comes in.‬‬


I don't think ONE piece or even one collection of work can be the life changing force needed in the world. I think it's something that has to be studied and understood as a whole.


Even someone like Nikola Tesla. His inventions changed the world, but there are absolute GEMS of truth and understanding in the way he did it. If you take his "products" for face value, all that changed the world but if you understand how it all came to be and apply that to yourself, it's much more transformative.‬‬


‪Everything I do up to this point other than the political pieces has always strictly been about how to be the governor of yourself. Taping into that inner power and becoming whatever it is that you want. That's why the political pieces are both important and uncomfortable to myself. I've come to understand that it can't always be butterflies and rainbows in my work. That sometimes you have to acknowledge the wrong and then highlight that wrong with truth. I have over 100 pieces all about being the king of yourself and three finished works about the energy portrayed from positions of government power‬‬.



MR Herget

"God Blessed Everywhere", 2015

oil, spray paint, acrylic, and crayon on canvas

48 x 60 in.


"God Blessed Everywhere"‬‬


‪ok this is what i am having trouble with... although I do agree with everything you are saying, you seem to have very high-res definition on the problem but when it comes to the solution - that being God's will or blessings or Universal law - it is very much low-res, undefined, unidentifiable‬‬

would you agree with that?


‪I don't actually, I just haven't touched on it just yet. I believe it all starts with ourselves. God in my belief is everything. I am God. You are God. And I will act accordingly. Acting accordingly is being master of ourselves. Master is a big word so just committing to the progress of becoming master is big. It all starts with ourselves. The belief that we in fact are God rids us of all fears, doubts, and beliefs that don't serve us. A world where we rely on others for answers does not serve us as much as we could be. Of course it's always going to be less defined than most things but that's because it's such a complex thing but I truly believe that the path to everything great starts with an inherent and natural understanding that we are all in this together. Not only are we in this together but the power that is all.... is in fact US. We are all the power that has ever been. When we tap into that and control our thoughts... it will then control our own actions and we will become what we want. It all starts with that belief and that understanding that we can govern ourselves. When that belief is a knowing, people like that don't stand for non-love. They don't tolerate oppression. And this isn't from a place of hate but rather from a greater understanding and passion for being a vessel of God. And by vessel of God, I mean that not in a religious sense but as a duty to use all the power that has been gifted to us and do everything we can to just make shit awesome, for us and others around us. ‬‬


That's where these "energy studies" come in. I've been trying to capture that power and energy that I feel and transfer that into something living and breathing that can be felt in person with no words. Something that radiates all the feelings that I have through something that can be seen and felt.


MR Herget

"the world ain't ending it's just beginning", 2015

oil, spray paint, acrylic, and crayon on canvas

 72 x 48 in.


and it does.. and I don't disagree with where you are coming from, in fact I encourage and support it‬‬


my point is how to move forward... if there is such a thing as defining the new existence


it would be insightful to see, to experience


i don't know what that would look like, if i did i would paint it myself


but I am seeking and therefore I want to challenge you


the energy studies are inspiring but have no language that can be identified

which might be good because it is not representational


however, then it seems like you are using two languages (representational and non-representational)


so let me inverse the questions... if you are going to define the existing - for example the political gangster - then why not also use a non-representational language to do so?



‪Right. Hmmm these are things I talk with myself about all the time. I think part of it is trusting my own evolution. I'm always going off feeling. The feeling to drop out of school. The feeling to move when needed. The feeling to always go all in when I feel that feeling. It's always guided me and that trust has always created good things. This all goes back taping into that inner God. Part of that is trusting myself as an artist. We don't have all of our great ideas at once but they come to us by way of becoming bigger than we were yesterday. (bigger in the sense of our understanding and actions) When we take those steps everyday, the universe opens for us. Part of that opening up perhaps is meeting someone like you who will ask me the right questions that others haven't up to this point. I'm committed to everything I speak about but I'm not anxious to "get there" because I know that constantly asking myself these questions and getting to work everyday + time = getting there or getting closer to there. I'm in this forever so I know that as I get more truths and understandings, I will pass them on in the way that I know how to at that moment and I will constantly push to find more ways to pass that along‬‬.


At some point there has to be words that go along with those feelings in terms of getting the most out of a painting, I think so.