Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Adler Guerrier and Olivia Ramos.


Adler Guerrier


RAMOS: Are we discussing MemoryLab?


  GUERRIER: I don't know


   whatever you like


   MemoryLab was good


   did you see it?


I've seen some of the work you had in it




right, i have images





and slightly, graphically architectural


yeah, i selected images from History Miami's archive


that felt open


But also in the presentation style


and even the dotted lines







or rather dash lines


specially or spacially - is that a real word?


true those are the marks that i was playing with


related to space


yes and at the same time, architecture is a common evil in the work


unless i am projecting


architecture holds whatever evil or good-intentions that has been placed in it


piece is titled Untitled(We will settle for a place among the pines and the palms; a city without walls)


who is responsible for "placing it"


architects, clients, inhabitants




gossip tellers


drunks at bbq or at bars


then is it within the architecture or in the words spoken?


it is with the stories told and re-told that placement occurs




there are few stories told of poor peoples thrown-together house


a decent envelope is needed to hold decent stories


but in your images, it seems like you are the voice of nature, not people


i would say the voice shaping :nature"




miami in 1890s anyway


palms and pines


and rocky limestone


it is the moment when placement, we still have, begun to happen


you don't mean architecture shapes nature... or do you?


i mean people architecture(urban planning) is an expression of people's management of natural landscapes


we grid it. we pave it


place wells and stop signs and churches and schools on it


all in relation to how we think it should serve us


do you think nature is serving us today?


nature is. nature doesn't serve.


it is that must be sustainable


nature is indifferent


i don't agree with that


i think the best living things serve something


well the Sahara was always there


eastern part used to be tropical


eventually the desert grew to take over


all of it nature


living things moved


gave way to dryness and eventually a desert


nature is indifferent


nature is also on a time scale of millinea


not centuries of humans life


i think the limestone we used in our building


especially if it was quarried nearby


is part of the natural that i am interested in


if it has water in it and dirt on top of it and a city on top of that


make little difference to the limestone


it is there


i think living in a way that express connection to place


through stories, design, materials


is the thing


it is architecture


architecture serves and it is mean to serve


architecture, and in my opinion good one, imitates nature




because nature aims to serve


look at the mangroves that protect the land from erosion


serve as water, food, shade, protection


all qualities imitated by architecture


that reading of mangroves is from the perspective of humans


from the perspective of crabs or fish


mangroves are a good to feed or hide


an erosion may not be a notion for them


mangroves can be said to serve the crabs


but it might be that crabs see mangroves as the places where they can live fulfilled lives


architecture, at its best, does imitate nature


but we have to separated ourselves from nature and think too much of our dominance over it


i agree with you there


but nature is the most forgiving


and so architecture have more often dominated over the natural rather than learn from it


there is a lot of ego in architecture


or rather represented, projected, expressed


yep nature's cycles are beautiful that way


yes, too much ego


from visionary architects to homeowners who foregrounds taste before sense


taste before service


i think it's all about service


taste before service


the more you serve, the more you are like nature




so then, what do you see as a solution?


service or harmonious usage


solutions would involve lessening the elements make us egomaniac


fame, wealth, capitalism, greed, malice


and promote more service and harmonious living


but i might be very disruptive


like allow our barrier island to be barrier island


don't build on the waterfront


plant more mangroves


guarantee everyone housing


how does a society kill it's own ego?'






or how does an individual? that would work too


individual can be assholes, but society shouldn't be


so the goal is to mirror nature


one lion make be mean


but a pride of lions is usually not


communal egos maybe a bigger problem


it is hard not to give up on society and work on the self instead


but perhaps art is able to reach beyond the self in that way


but i think art still works on one person at a time


not sure if this essence of society really exists



art and architecture offer opportunities for commonalities


we all mostly see Pamm as a place to be, to relax, to view the bay, to view art


those commons contribute to good things in society


i still allows one to love the view more than the art


or the garden more than the architecture


art works one multiple people but in time


i95 or 836 don’t over the same commons


real estate as an industry doesn’t either


architecture could or does


so, in early Miamians resolved to live here.


and learned quickly of porches, shade and cross ventilation


they were at the mercy of hurricane


but they live well


at one point the success of this city affected the distributions of those lessons


yes but you have to take into account the scalability factor


how does a place provide for EVERYONE


by designing well


it is simple


it is complicated


the resources are not the same


how do you offer everyone shade, breeze, and a view of the bay


it is the very simple thing that 15 years ago, people called Steve Jobs a genius for,


design well


at scale


it can be done


not the bay


that was not one of the lesson


shade - plant more trees


so coconut grove exist


breeze - large lots and cross ventilation


coconut grove but a fraction of the density of Brickell


the county is large


are you saying there should be sprawl?


combined with nature


we have sprawl of single family houses


we would used less land if half of that is 3 to 5 stories


i am also saying kill real estate as investment


make sure people can live


the rest can be investment


the problem is that i could lead to Miami having NYC population 8million


but i don't see that


we don't have the economy


hold on - what do you mean kill real estate as investment?


and are not central to a larger region


how would that work?


who would put up the cash?


i don't know


it isn't that important


investment is an instrument of markets


it doesn't help in the ego problem


it fuels it


there are other problem like imminent domain, private property and individual needs for happiness


you would have to completely displace success


into something entirely different




not sure if it would still be capitalism at that point






i'd live there


capitalism is a problem


well the other options on the table are not very attractive




at least capitalism offers independence


i lived in communism and that was a nightmare


no matter how much you worked, there was no progress


that's not a way to live


less capitalism isn't communism


i'm just giving you other options on the table


and minimum waged workers aren't independent


millionaire are


i am not talking about that


i don't think millionaires are independent


they are just as paralyzed as those with minimum wage


i think a true middle class is the happiest


and that sadly is disappearing


i am talking about a system that allows someone making $30,000 to have a place, to live, to enjoy the breeze and the shade


yeah i want that too


capitalism offered that before


it is the one of the Florida/Miami narratives


small but well designed houses and affordable


it existed before


so art creates value out nothing, sometimes


art and even words are powerful that way


there can be other measures for success outside of what capitalism frames as success