Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Adler Guerrier and Olivia Ramos.


Scott Armetta



September 20 - November 01, 2014

RAMOS: ‪have you seen Armetta's website?


GUERRIER:  ‪has he been making paintings of presidents?‬‬


they're just friends‬‬


‪he and Obama?


‪that's what it looks like‬‬


unless Armetta has another series on DC landscapes or Honolulu


‪the text for the show mentioned  "paint presidents crossing rivers"‬‬


Obama did cross the Pacific‬‬


‪the Pacific River‬‬


is there one? I meant the ocean‬‬


‪let's check‬‬


maybe in Vancouver


‪or Alaska‬‬


well, Armetta's paintings were enigmatic


i see in his text he makes many references to steampunk and other anachronistic things


or at least propose anachronistic propositions, references to Da Vinci, for example


maybe he is a time traveler, like Da Vinci


i am not sure‬‬


time travel is one of the loveliest ideas


‪maybe these paintings are the future dystopia of South Florida


‪his landscape and texts offer a kind of dread‬‬


i saw dystopia, but i asked why‬‬


‪I don't know why


there is a lot of comedy/satire to his writing


‪the ominous cloud in those landscapes lead to those thoughts‬‬


‪and the lack of human presence, the lack of sunlight


‪some comedy and satire that i have not bridged to the paintings


even though that is the premise


perhaps subtle pleasures in watching it all dissolve


do you know what 10a/10b refers to?‬‬


the title of the show‬‬


‪there is a movie with that title‬‬




‪a thriller‬‬


it refers to apartment numbers


let me see what else there is


movie is in pre-production


the original was called 301/302


tax form reference


yeah I don't know‬‬


I like dystopia with attached cynicism


there is a video game‬‬


and bus routes‬‬


‪is that what he was playing with Obama?


bus route, nice






discussing the future after Armetta traveled there‬‬


maybe time travel happens in a bus


Scott Armetta



September 20 - November 01, 2014


most of the pieces have this dark ghost, cloud‬‬


this unknown "other"




makes me uneasy


a sort of evil


‪me as well


ominous to say the least


i want to ask the when as much as the why


in a pre-historic moment, did it look like that?


‪or in the future‬‬


‪is this part of a cycle‬‬


and there for also in the future


well this steampunk idea‬‬


that's futuristic by nature‬‬


steampunk suggests a technological moment‬‬, not necessarily a time line


steampunk seems to be envisioned as our next moment


‪or a parallel reality‬‬




i like it as parallel, best


did you see Lost. the TV series


‪yes I thought of Lost - are you referring to the dark cloud‬‬?




‪there is also time travel in Lost‬‬


‪it was poorly explored in the series‬‬


but it was fantastic


especially as a character, that seemed to exist outside of time


‪Jacob's brother‬‬


‪i want to bring this thought to Armetta's paintings


but i am reluctant


Jacob, his mother, and his brother became this small thing in the end, but for five seasons, it represented the scariest thing in that universe


‪yes, once he was given a narrative, it ceased to be scary‬‬


‪i did not want an explanation


‪i wanted the confrontation with the unknown‬‬


‪maybe that's why Armetta doesn't have a narrative‬‬


he sort of circles around with comedy‬‬


you might be right‬‬


but so far, i don't like Armetta's stories.


i like the paintings, and want to move about those landscapes


having timeless thoughts


‪yes, or meet people that live there‬‬, find out what happened


‪the  painting on the invitation is called Sunrise Event II


it maybe too casual for me


you are right. something did occur


‪i don't expect those there, if there is anyone there, to help me understand


‪ohhh wait‬‬


‪Plant Hardiness Zones 10a/10b‬‬


what is that?‬‬


plant zones, USDA


"‪Armetta’s paintings depict uninhabited landscapes in South Florida, specifically those of Plant Hardiness Zones 10a/10b."‬‬


nice reference‬‬


i like that a lot.


what are you quoting? the press release?


‪the email invite‬‬


‪i forgot to read that‬‬


yes, well all the information is scattered‬‬


like a treasure hunt


‪i suspect Aramis wrote that.


referring to painting and landscapes


i also like the sort of pop and fissure of paint


suggesting something coming through


Scott Armetta



September 20 - November 01, 2014


in the Star Trek series, it usually indicates a space-time anomaly


i want to read our landscape through those sci-fi references


so maybe in this parallel universe, no one lives in 10a/10b, anymore


the everglades as taken Florida back


‪nobody lives there now


it's uninhabited


‪we do‬‬


‪not in zone 10a/10b


all of Miami is in 10b‬‬


‪oh really?‬‬




‪the paintings depict the uninhibited parts‬‬


‪got it‬‬


so the cloud


is it evil?


maybe it is a new unknown


that comes with darkness and distance


‪i am contrasting it to the megalopolis that are to come


maybe the cloud lives there now‬‬


or lives everywhere and it is only apparent in the landscape




‪cloud is here




we just don't see it


when the lights are down‬‬


‪Armetta is lifting the veil for us‬‬


now we might see the cloud everywhere we go


‪maybe he offers glimpses‬‬


i hope not to see the cloud


even if it's the truth?‬‬


‪it is unsettling‬‬


the truth? there many truths


‪the truth about the cloud‬‬




i hate the Lost writers when they tried to tell me the truth about their cloud


i like complexity


‪Armetta is not telling you the narrative‬‬


he is letting you know of it's existence


parameters for fear


isn't that what you want?


‪i am not sure if he is telling me of it's existence


we deduced aspect the cloud based on our own references


fear is not bad


fear sharpens the mind


and thickens the mystery


‪fear is produced by the reptilian parts of our brain,‬‬ the oldest part of out brain, the amygdala


and it is meant for surviving violent landscapes


maybe Armetta found a way to activate the amygdala, with unknown evils within uninhabited landscape


‪to be reminded that we are animals


maybe a good thing


‪or to be reduced to a reptilian state‬‬


i'm not comfortable with that


well, i would offer‬‬


it is not a reduction


it may be a trance-like mechanism to connect to an earlier self, or earlier time


‪yes but why?‬‬


i don't want to go back to the reptilian either


we might loose art, architecture, science.‬‬


‪why not push evolution forward


perhaps it is a way to create yet another parallel existence


maybe because it would not serve us‬‬


‪what would not serve us?‬‬


‪pushing evolution forward would not serve us.


it would serve the new emerging species


homo sapiens blahblah


but not us


maybe Armetta is a reptilian‬‬


‪he looked human‬‬


‪but looks may deceive us‬‬


maybe that's how he knows Obama‬‬


the reptilian are in with power‬‬