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Conversation between Adrienne Rose Gionta and Jacqueline Falcone.


Adrienne Rose Gionta

"MOIST", 2015

Roses and Words Series


FALCONE: Hi Adrienne Rose! How's it going? Let's talk about MOIST.


GIONTA: Hello to you!


Sure let's do this


Can you tell me a little bit about the series it lives in?


It is the first in a series of images titled Roses & Words


the series itself combines my love of words & roses


Funny combo. How do they connect?


they connect through me personally


it is somewhat of an experiment


as I become obsessed with specific words


and roses.


yes... mostly the word comes first


then i start to search for images of roses that i feel best work with the specific word


Right. So there is this very romantic-looking dew on the roses in "MOIST"


yes... it sets the tone nicely


Yeah, it's obvious in a way but you wouldn't want the piece to have dry roses..


Why are you obsessed with the word "moist"?


Most people think that's a gross work, I think.


i am always naturally connecting & paring things


perhaps a social scientist of sorts


to see what reactions they illicit


the word "MOIST" has long time been a favorite of mine


Yes, I know.


perhaps an underdog that I think deserves more love & respect than it gets




I mean


There a lot of things that would suck so much if they were dry.


especially cake


Yes, I was going to mention how stupid dry cake is.


But I think the things that you wouldn't want to be moist maybe come to mind first so you're just like "ew."


lol... dry cake, brownies... or dry air


So I have been living with this piece for a couple of months now but have not opened it up yet as a JFB&B show.


I have enjoyed seeing it every day and am excited for others to as well.


On Sunday we will invite people to see it as well and I predict some moist cake will be present.


what is it that you enjoy about seeing it every day?


Well, honestly...firstly, it's very beautiful.


I mean you think these stock rose photos are cheesy but they're quite pretty to look at.


the cheesiness of free stock photos kind of amuses & frustrates me but i am about immediacy & accessibility when it comes to this project & have been lucky enough to find what i need


Yeah, I imagine there is no shortage of rose photos on the internet.


i find it interesting how we have such strong reactions to both words & roses


Yes. I am very sensitive to language.


they both illicit such strong reactions


It bothers me when people don't take works seriously because in a way they are all that we have.


With each other, in a relationship with another person.


There are all kinds of other things involved but I can only guess how someone feels until they tell me with words.


they are quite powerful


Another thing I love about this piece is a personal memory I have associated with it.


We were at a party, maybe four years ago. I made a very pink cake that night and brought it. This is the first time I experienced your obsession with this particular word.


Do you remember the game we played that night?


i do remember that night we played the game


because i won




i won in many ways


You got the most people to say the word "moist"


it's not enough for me to become obsessed with a word... i want to share it with those around me & here them say it too


It was an impressively high number.


oh, wow..hey look at this. "Mars has flowing rivers of briny water, NASA satellite reveals"


Mars is moist, too.


overtime someone else would say "MOIST" it made me happier


see.. this words repurposing is so now


I am sort of obsessed with blue velvet cake right now


& the salt water on Mars is a great discovery


BLUE velvet. Is that just like red velvet but with blue food coloring instead?


perhaps you can move your bed & breakfast to MARS someday for the return of "MOIST"


Yeah...I can't wait to just leave it all behind.


they have pink Velvet too


I see. I look forward to our slumber party on Saturday. Maybe we should make a rainbow velvet!


Saturday night cooking & baking sounds wonderful


i like this idea


i love to cook & bake with others


there is something wonderful about the connectivity there too


Me too. It's my favorite.


I live with two boys who don't suck in the kitchen.


that's what she said


Fair enough.


sorry couldn't resist


Who could.


What else do you want to happen at this opening? We've invited people to a pretty laid back Sunday BBQ. I love this format.


I imagine I will hear the word MOIST a lot.


I described a muffin to my friend the other day.


“It’s rich and moist,” I said, not thinking much of my explanation.


My friend nearly gagged.


“How dare you say ‘moist’,” she said.


it's silly to me


i am happy that i could at least change your feelings about it


"you're the moist helpful person i've met today"




Yeah. I'm into moist now.


IF ya know what I mean.


i do know what ya mean


that is what this project hopes to do


when i first posted it on my Facebook header it was interesting to see the conversations


someone specifically felt that predominately women hate the word moist




which is another interesting thing about how a word may be interpreted differently depending on your orientation


then i wonder how each react to roses... is it different for men?


Yes. I think most people think they're beautiful, man or woman.


To be honest they're not my flower of choice but on the other hand I really love something about them and how universal they are.


Maybe I just don't love red roses, though. They're too obvious for me.


my favorite flowers are in fact hydrangeas


i am not a fan of red roses either & cringe when they are given to me


usually by someone i am dating who thinks all women you are courting like red roses


Without being too vulgar, I can say that there are times when we (women) think something is gross about our own bodies and it's usually because of how we think a man perceives it.


And it's usually not true.


i would think that whomever we are with in such a personal way would embrace & enjoy our bodies


not shame them


& should be happily delighted they were able to bring about the moisture needed for pleasure


without having to crack out the KY




there is a strong history for me & my family with roses


& historically what they represent is quite fascinating


Me too!


I also have a funny history with Roses in my family.


aside from the name Rose being generated through the women in my family as well


you & i both share the name within our own


it was the first thing i ever learned how to draw


my great aunt Frances was my first "art" teacher & that is what she 1st taught me how to draw


i became obsessed with drawing them as she had taught me


I LOVEDDDDD seeing those drawings in your show at the Frost


thank you! that One in The Same project with my great aunt is still in progress


but a step in the direction to change the history for the women in my family

but also grew up in a small house in Brooklyn with the most amazing rose garden that my parents had created


my mother had red velvet roses, white roses, pink roses, tropicana roses, violet roses, yellow roses, etc...


the yard smelled & looked heavenly when they were in bloom. I have been thinking of ways to re-create my childhood rose garden.


that is beautiful.