Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Castillo in conversation with Ramos

Kayla Delacerda

To Capitalist Poem #5, 2013

Short Film

4 min., 21 sec.

McSwain in conversation with Ramos

John McSwain

Coral City, 2014


36 min., 46 sec.


Domingo Castillo


Mr. Domingo G. Castillo serves as a Director of Philippine Associated Smelting And Refining Corporation. Mr. Castillo served as a Director of Metro Pacific Tollways Corp.


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(Bloomberg Businessweek)




Jonathan David Kane


Jonathan David Kane is an independent filmmaker from Miami, FL. Over the past decade he has contributed to numerous narrative, documentary, and experimental short and feature films, television programming, web content, music videos, and commercials. His work as a film producer and cinematographer has screened at festivals and museums worldwide including Sundance, Toronto, SXSW, AFI, Woodstock, Rotterdam, Fantasia, Vienna, the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He is a recipient of the Haskell Wexler Award for Cinematography for his work on the documentary film At the Edge of the World, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2008 and served as the inspiration for Animal Planet’s popular TV show Whale Wars. He is also Minister of Justice for the Borscht Corporation and sits on the advisory board of the Borscht Film Festival.




John McSwain


John McSwain is a director and editor based out of Brooklyn, NY, though originally raised in the Florida Panhandle. Coral City, his first documentary, is a portrait of Coral Morphologic - an art and science duo based in Miami- who grow and sell visually stunning corals from their lab, some of which are their own discoveries or proprietary hybrids. The story juxtaposes Coral Morphologic’s desire to cultivate and care for Miami’s native corals with the threat of rising waters and a sinking city, creating a potential future environment in which the corals would live on the submerged skeleton of the city. Coral City was released via Vice’s The Creators Project in late January 2015.




Jeffery Millett


Jeffrey Millett is a multidisciplinary artist whose work expands from painting to prototypes, challenging the status quo of specific fields under his investigation.  The root of his work finds its foundation in an intensely driven, methodical, analytical process covering the social, economic and political landscapes within urban cities.  Currently, his economic research uses public data of specific hedge fund positions to produce tangible, data-driven physical structures and drawings.  Taking his own calculated risk, Millett has developed numerous investing strategies, trading options and equities in the stock market. These have become a lucrative venture, and long term benefit to his financial analysis and research, putting his own conceptual thesis at play for real consequences.