Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Jacqueline Falcone and Olivia Ramos.


Isha  Rose Servitus and Sinisa Kukec

Prints on Paper, 30.75 x 20.5 in.

Collabo 5 exhibition at the Bakehouse Complex, 2015


RAMOS:  ‪hi‬‬


FALCONE:  ‪Oh, hello.‬‬


Thank you for joining me‬‬


Thank you for having me.‬‬


tell me about Isha‬‬


Isha is really classy. She's a bad bitch but she's also classy as fuck.‬‬


‪what's your definition of classy?‬‬


Some form of sophistication, I suppose.‬‬


She is usually saying something that is sort of tough to read or think about, but there is real tact in how she delivers.


She has misanthropic tendencies..but you still like her.


‪I guess classy people tend to be a little classist - or misanthropic‬‬


They get it.‬‬


Less naivety involved.


‪less involved‬‬


Less involved but hyyyyyper aware‬‬


Isha sees and considers everything. It will surely be her demise...


I think Sinisa and I can relate to her in that sense, though I am a little better at letting go and accepting the ways of the world at SOME point SOMEtimes.


‪so let me get this right... someone like Isha is hyper aware and has insight to human things beyond most humans... and decides to stay disengaged‬‬


so she's no super hero


what does that say about humanity?


That's kind of interesting because she has a big presence on Facebook.‬‬


Like is social media the new platform for super heroes?


‪what does big presence mean?‬‬


She posts through Sinisa's Facebook page, which has..let's seeee....1,274 friends. So it's no world-domination, but I'd be willing to bet that he has just about every engaged members of our little art bubble added.‬‬


Let's see what the last thing Isha said was..


"War is sadly not obsolete... Love, peace and harmony are... Collectively we have written this programing for the masses of biological robots formal know as humanity..."


‪that sounds like Sinisa‬‬


why does Isha post through his page?


They are very close.‬‬


Maybe for that reason?


It won't throw anyone off. HAHA


Sinisa allows her a platform maybe.


‪and we can't assume that Sinisa and Isha are the same person cause now we have proof... we have her boobs in print‬‬


is that the point of the piece?






I don't think so. Maybe they had it in the back of their minds.


I actually think that work is about love, but maybe Sinisa and Isha would beg to differ.


‪How is that work about love?‬‬


Here is the title:‬‬


‪ISAROSEISAROSEISAROSE: ‬‬‪How We Learn The Strange ‬‬‪Privilege of Reveling The ‬‬‪Presence of Love‬‬


I think that Sinisa and Isha both have a really hard time reveling in love. Not accepting it or accepting that it's there, but really sitting in it.‬‬


I wouldn't say they deny or dismiss it, though. Sinisa is one of the most loving creatures I have ever formed a friendship with, in fact.


Believe it, or not.


Throwing me into the mix is really funny to me in that sense. I totally love being in love. I'm completely dumb in love right now, in fact. When it happens I'm pretty good at reveling in it.


Being in love is pure grace... so I am very happy for your current state of being.




can you tell me more on how this piece translates into being in love?




they're breasts


Sinisa and I talked about how much the prints should cost at some point and it become kind of a thing that none of us were particularly in the mood to deal with or concerned with.


In that conversation I said something like "breasts are a great asset. They give and give and ask for nothing in return."


to which Sinisa said "that isn't true, they ask to be loved."


Maybe it goes back to breast-feeding and bonding.


are you assuming that to be loved and to love is the same as being in love?‬‬




‪i feel like you are referring more to the former ... with breast-feeding and giving‬‬


unconditional love


being in love is something else altogether no?


‪But I do think that maybe someone like Sinisa or Isha who has a hard time reveling in love has a hard time loving and being loved AS WELL AS being IN love.‬‬


Yeah, it is.


It has a lot of those same things, but without and with some other things.


‪tell me more‬‬


about the withouts and withs


Well, I think it's obvious. I have some friends that I love so madly.


It's certainly safe to say that I am not in love with them in the way that I am in love with my boyfriend.‬‬


But you know..there's that whole "homie lover friend" thing that I love. I love to have those same feelings for my boyfriend + the whole butterflies thing.


So to love the one you are in love with in the way that you love the friends you're just mad about, but you are also sharing so much more with them in most cases.


Physical love, of course.


A home in some cases.


I don't know if Isha has a home.


the whole butterflies thing.... about that... is it possible to feel that without being in love?‬‬


does being in love require mutuality?


I'm not sure that the "butterflies" flutter if they aren't feeling the love of another.‬‬


I mean...maybe some people's butterflies flutter from mere infatuation.


Maybe I'm less excitable than some


are infatuation and obsession related?‬‬


and isn't love something of the spirit instead of the form?


so why boob prints?


‪infatuation can certainly lead to obsession, no?‬‬


infatuation is harmless until it isn't maybe


It's about self-control which is pretty daunting


love vs. fixation




isn't love something of the spirit instead of the form?


Yeah, I think it is effortless (at first, at least..)‬‬


It just kinda happens.


like compatibility or whatever


it feels good


fixation or obsession actually does not feel good at all


it feels urgent and stressful


Hey so I don't know how true this is  because I read it somewhere in passing, but I read that when woman’s nipples are stimulated oxytocin is released‬‬

aka the "love drug"


i read somewhere that when a woman's nipples are stimulated it opens up the uterus and allows for a better orgasm‬‬


‪like evolution made men love breasts so much basically‬‬


or women, whatever


they stimulate a woman's breasts, making them more desirable ...


Now maybe we are confusing good sex for love, but that happens.


‪right... that's why i asked about the spirit and the form‬‬




I mean when you fall in love with someone it's like I said..easy.


The spirit part for me is the comfort and excitement all at once.


This usually leads to really good sex, at least for a minute.


‪ok hold on‬‬


i am getting a bit lost


in trying to figure out if breast have anything to do with being in love


‪Me too.‬‬




Depends on the breasts?






I think probably not.‬‬


‪on so in saying that... how would you describe the success of the piece?‬‬


but they're a special place on a woman's body, so they're involved in love, but after the fact.‬‬


or during, or something.


but what about men being in love with other men?‬‬


Yeah, breasts have nothing to do with falling in love.‬‬


I think this piece is super situational.


and about Isha‬‬




and maybe for Isha it is a big deal or a big symbol or her way of knowing if she is in love‬‬


like maybe unless she is in love her breast don't feel anything


i think that happens


It might be. Maybe since she has very little physical presence in this world she feels the need to use her "assets."‬‬




I have had friends say they had orgasms just from their breasts being touched.


I have to wonder if that's when something like that could happen.


‪i've heard of orgasm just from touching hands‬‬


that's pretty powerful


That is craziness‬‬


Maybe Isha should just make some handprints next.