Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Jorge Dos Diablos and Olivia Ramos.


Jorge Dos Diablos

RAMOS: Hi Jorge, thank you for joining me


DOS DIABLOS: thank you for invite me


I am looking through your work and really enjoy it


there is an elegance to the "grotesque" for lack of a better word


the juxtaposition really grabs me


Wow!, that´s kind words from you, thank you much for enjoy this creatures


tell me a bit about these creatures


I try to communicate the real feeling of the moment, never do the paint


Trying to impress, is what I think the least


let me try to explain


before you do


what do you mean by real feeling?


are these your feelings or the creature's?



Don´t know, don´t like to talk about my paints to much.


Sometimes they are painted in moments where I feel something I can not get out of some other way, that's why I paint them. Some are very expressive of the moment. There are times when I feel very happy doing a creature and people take it as something that scares them; and the grotesque has come to like them more, they identify more. That's why I do not like to talk at the time I paint the creature, people gimme meanings more crooked and deep, I think they are reflected in some of my creatures.


some are personal feelings, an others group feelings


like some shocking event, a tragedy that affects  or impress to much


so these creatures are a reflection of real people and real events, and therefore not autonomous?


Sometimes are real people, but most of the time they are the sensations or how I feel at that moment


an example...


"Mexican landscape"



Jorge Dos Diablos


tell me about it


I’m a painter from Mexico. In this painting I try to give language to all those disappeared people in graves that never find or never identify, pain, victims without faces, only dead and figures are seen, normality, these events are everyday, like watching a car go by


People who do not know the context make them beautiful, but this painting gives me a lot of angst


yes I see that as a reflection of a real event - and knowing the context or not, it gives me a lot of angst as well


it is clearly a scene of distress, powerlessness, anguish


tell me a little about "Gent on Red Meat"


this one has a grandiose quality, which hides the intent or is not as obvious as the landscape











ok, belive me or not, this is a self portrait


I would not have guest that, but again I do not know you


would you tell me how this is a reflection of you?


Is the raw representation of how I think I would see if I went out, visceral, a vile portrait of how other people see me, they are face, another more passing by


so then this is how you think other people see you, not how you see yourself?


A representation of how we think we go out and how we really see each other


I mean, in a way you are projecting on other people - so in a way it has to be the way you see yourself no? it is all coming from you here. Does that make sense?


In a certain way yes, but I never try to reach the narcissism of "look at me", more than anything to give an angle of how I think they could see me and how I want them to see me. For me the concept of raw meat is the negation of life, that's why I dress in an elegant cut of meat. And as I mentioned that horrible events happen and we continue thinking about us and not more than what happens to us, it is a portrait of personal egoism


yes, the ugliness of it


I try to give you a touch of those beautiful and smug portraits of Caravaggio


yes I get that out of it as well, a classical portrait of a timeless figure - I can't say contemporary since the ego has been around longer than painting


I wonder about the omission of the eyes


In this creature, represent total egoism, just thinking about the posture, do not see the rest


Is a self-portrait and a social-portrait


there is an omission of eyes in a lot of your work


or all of you work


In most of them, it is a representation more of internal sensations, more of feeling them and not seeing them


eyes are tricky... the door to the soul or whatever they say




sometimes I paint eyes like bags about to explode


why is that?


Is the load of information that we contain, we do not know where to save it or if we really want to save it


and you think they become apparent through the eyes?


Not always, we always hide something for us and the others and sometimes we do not put up with it and torment until it gets sick


Somehow you have to get it out


That's why my creatures transmit that anxiety to let it out or contain it


I'm trying to get at something but not sure what that is


can you tell me about "The Magician"




Jorge Dos Diablos


If I explaining myself wrong let me know


no not at all




so The Magician


there a strange combination of the wardrobe, the mask, the strange lips, the other mask


I come from very religious roots in my family, and this is a representation of those fanatic people, who always speak of the good but in the interior they keep something, or they are bad people, for that reason the mask falling from the sky and putting itself in a position if saints . Is a criticism of religion, from one moment to another they change their position at their convenience, that is why "The Magician"


that makes a lot of sense, there is this weird soft-skinned gooey feeling about the depth of religious hypocrisy


what about the good in people, the light, the optimism


do you have any feelings of that sort?


sure, both of them


do you ever express it in your work?




Jorge Dos Diablos



This I did in a moment of joy, I had been painting many works and a person very close to me had gone well from a risky surgery


I do not know if it transmits that joy and calm but that painting reassures me a lot



oh wow I love that, like an angel looking down from heaven


strangely that's what I get out of it


even within the aesthetic of the grotesque




you can't call this a conventional angel by any means of the imagination


that piece brings me a lot of joy actually


And something very clear, I never try to make it grotesque or uncomfortable, they leave as they come to me



do you see them then, and this kind of full circle, as having a life of their own?



That piece I just exhibited in LA along with other more uncomfortable, people took the most rare and grotesque and this painting more quiet, nor mentioned. People are very strange.