Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Kayla Delacerda and Olivia Ramos.


Kayla Delacerda

Unfinished, 2016

Acrylic on Canvas

11 in. x 14 in.



RAMOS:  ‪Hi Kayla‬‬


Thank you for joining me


Its great to talk‬‬


ever since Domingo and I had a conversation about your video, i've been wanting to speak to you about your work.‬‬


that's good to hear. I was happily surprised to see that you guys talked about it‬‬


‪well - it was such a great project - deep rooted in Miami‬‬

are you from Miami?


yes i was born here and have never lived anywhere else‬‬


that's rare I think‬‬


but it makes you a great insider


yeah most people come from somewhere else or get out as soon as possible‬‬




yeah i've left a few times, but have this urge to always come back and I'm always happy i do


yeah i get home sick when i leave but i am dying to see the world‬‬


well today there are ways to see the world without moving‬‬


i'm sure that's not what you mean


‪yeah sometimes i just spend time on google maps street-view just to explore from my bed‬‬


yes - soon we'll have VR access to anywhere and we can walk around as if we are there‬‬


it's not the same as being there - but it is a good educational introduction

let's get back to your work




‪i somehow imagined that you were a video focused artist‬‬


this is not so - i see that you are painting as well as using photography as a source of installation


‪yeah all over the place‬‬


what's your favorite medium?‬‬


to work in or in general?‬‬


‪to work - both - tell me both‬‬


‪I think i like to work with ideas before deciding a medium. ‬‬


I like sculptures a lot


making them and being around them


theory before practice‬‬


do you sometimes learn from your work - or by making?


yeah i barely have a practice‬‬


then how do you test ideas?‬‬


i will test ideas whenever but by practice i mean a consistent constant flow of art making. i'll have an idea and it'll get executed or tested after unpredictable periods of incubation‬‬


‪which is fair‬‬


ideas take different time to be ready for testing

and the incubation time is in itself a form of practice

in fact the idea incubation and the work is what makes the practice for me


yeah i like it when i think of something and work on it for a






but i think of practice like on kawara. like doing something everyday like a routine or job or like lee lozano just LIVING IT


‪living it is another huge component‬‬


as an artist how can you reflect a world you don't experience one way or another


without living there is nothing to talk about but technique


or empty strategy


Yeah ‬‬


i mean im talking about  her dropout piece and her notebooks.‬‬


like i dont see on kawara's private life in his work‬‬


private life and life experiences can be two things‬‬


but his work, as simple or mechanical as it may seem, had to come from somewhere personal - don't you think?


yeah of course it was his life, thats what he spent his time doing‬‬


so it of course comes with that weight


‪do you mean his work was his life?‬‬


instead of a reflection of life as he saw it?


i think he spent his life making his work everyday working on these dates and numbers, and thats not instead of his the work being a reflection of life, i think about it and both those things become one‬‬


the reflection of life is the dates and numbers


and he spends all day with his dates and numbers


‪so then in your opinion - his days meant but a number to him?‬‬


‪i think the days meant sending a postcard, or making a date painting, or typing up years‬‬


and he practiced and dedicated his life to introducing life as numbers for the rest of us




dates and time. we are aware of the individual weight and importance of each day behind the date.‬‬


and it is different for everyone‬‬


so how is his work different from a calendar?


‪that has to do with function, the purpose of a calendar, versus the purpose of an art work. but also he isolates and collects days and years and time completely differently than a calendar. you can look at one date staring back at you or you can be in the presence of a library or collection of one million dates‬‬


so much happens in one day‬‬


i guess the best way to archive is by dates


something we all have in common


we were all there


that date has touched everything that is


well its kinda funny‬‬


cause that makes me think of people i know that are older than me who have existed so many days experiencing so much before that i will never be able to


right but at the same time you have so much more to experience‬‬


yeah thats wonderful and terrifying‬‬


‪why terrifying?‬‬


cause the unknown. its really not a big deal. i can handle it. its just an unfortunate perspective i have tonight‬‬


perspective can change by the hour‬‬


the unknown is exciting


especially in a world of exponentials


yeah i can feel that when i look at the today series‬‬


so much unknown in each day


what do you mean "the today series"?‬‬


‪the date paintings by on kawara‬‬


you mean when you look at the recent paintings of dates?‬‬


well i wonder at the unknown of a random date that was painted‬‬


‪a future date then‬‬


you know what has happened on any other day


no even past dates‬‬


cause like june 16, 1966




dates you didn't live


like imagine all the people who lived through that day. what happened that affected the whole world that day, who was born or died on that date, the unknown importance of that date or life a hundred years from that date‬‬




but you can think that about any day‬‬


every day


yeah but its a painting now‬‬