Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Willie Avendano and Olivia Ramos.


Willie Avendano

"143", 2014


6 min., 4 sec.

RAMOS:  ‪do you think of this piece as a narrative or a series of facts?‬‬


AVENDANO:  ‪More of a series of facts‬‬


I definitely see the series of facts being spewed together rawly


oddly connected to one another


its more a stream of consciousness


and these connections... are those factual as well?‬‬


or is there narrative there?


As factual as a simple conversation over coffee can be, some are poignant truths‬‬ and some are quite over embellishments


its a unconscious narrative through a conversation


I see it as an experiment in conversation


almost like a first date, there has to be some semblance of a trajectory but it can easily evolve into something completely non-linear


‪give me an example of a fact‬‬


‪see the superposition of the image “I keep hitting the space bar but i’m still on earth” as a handwritten drawing


and how it juxtaposes the glitched background behind it


it take that primal sentiment in emotion where i open up to some anecdote from my childhood


and begin to tell the story on this fictions date, and watch that image decompose itself


perhaps there is the fact that we humans here on earth are constantly trying to escape it and it creates a glitch in our existence


thats exactly where the deviations in our narrative come out of


each attempt at escape produces a new array of possibility, for a future beyond escape, or for forgoing escape


that glitch in existence is the traversal and decomposition of these possibilities in time


‪i see now how Tom Cruse fits in


Tom Cruise is a tangential reference to that terrible post-matrix sci-fi movie‬‬


‪oh not Scientology?


‪that connection was too easy‬‬


it was more for this terrible movie


‪what movie?‬‬


Minority Report


‪he is able to predict the future following some weird trajectory and tries REALLY HARD to avoid his fate and somehow ends up with that truth


that absolute fate of occurrence of that event


that i think is the real joke


an event that was never meant to happen and the illusion of it made it real




and yet, the mathematical illusion of realizing that agency in developing that action determines a course of action


what percentage of your life is a complete illusion?‬‬


‪i’d say 90%‬‬


probably 99%, but the coffee and sandwich i had today was awesome


theres no way Spinoza would allow me to think that i’m just fooling myself


‪who is Spinoza?‬‬


Hegel once said that all contemporary philosophers are either Spinozists or not philosophers at all‬‬


give me the cliff notes on his work‬‬


‪He writes about monadology, the idea where our perceptions of reality are only developed at impositions onto our “bubble” or monad


and the environment we live in, the computers that we’re typing on, and the tea i just drank are fictitious images in our mind, superimposed by our mind developing that


‪is this related to the God Particle?


If God was as self-centered as humans naturally are


‪‬no no Higgs boson, in which different subatomic particles are responsible for giving matter different properties


or in this case realities or illussions


yea, if we are the higgs boson


we are the progenitors of these different properties and the illusions of the interactions with other particles


‪but doesn't Spinoza say that they all come from the same place?


they do‬‬


from self


‪is it the same place in our mind or the same place as a collective whole‬‬ - Monism says that everything is derived from The One


more as the collective whole, but imagine the whole from the voyeur, this perceptive mind‬‬


‪we all are individually replicated from The One, and thus with different vantage points of the truth, we develop these different realities‬‬


or different illusions‬‬




‪but there is one truth‬‬




‪and your piece, it portrays all the illusion as facts‬‬


or a series of them


rather than the one truth


‪its a conversation from different angles of the same truth


each fact represents an image, or in better terms


‪the truth that our realities are an illusion‬‬




so these vantage points together is an experiment of trying to redevelop that truth


these gifs as a means of communication are an image of an emotion or sentiment of that truth, and this conversation, a series of non-linear connections of facts, are acting to try to rebuild the emotional sentiment of that truth


of that feeling


‪you mentioned earlier "If God was as self-centered as humans naturally are"‬‬


are these illusions due to the fact that we are so self-centered?


is this piece about your illusion or the collective illusion


self-centered is a great term talking about physical orientation of the same thing


and thats how the illusions are naturally developed, from our creation of these vantage points, that deviate away from the natural truth


God is all-seeing and all-knowing, so his vantage is the totality of the space of truth


I am now noticing a few body parts in the bunch‬‬


‪everyone loves body parts‬‬


gotta give something to the people


‪is that what the models are for too?‬‬


or is that another illusion?


easily for eye candy‬‬


or sometimes in my case, arm candy


‪arm candy... what do you mean by that?‬‬


‪its just another illusion of reality that just happens to be nestled around my arm for the bougie wine and cheese events‬‬


Besides the experiment,‬‬ i really just tried to paint the image of the first date


‪how come you don't mention that in the description or title?‬‬


“143” is a study of the interaction between the humanization of pop culture in its most dehumanized form of communication through GIFs through the compilation of conformed moving images and the desensitization of existentialism through the lens of the basic primordial instincts of dreams as a repetitive discussion of absurdism, in an attempt to recreate and rehumanize human communication. Reverse Fourier Transforming the GIFs to find true meaning.


because i’m already too self-centered - if i just told everyone that this is how i see what a first date is like‬‬


i also would like a few more first dates in the near future


‪let's talk about first dates then‬‬


is this the ultimate illusion?




‪it depends‬‬


why can't we be honest in a first date?


‪its more of the presentation of the ultimate illusion‬‬


‪but why?‬‬


doesn't it all unfold eventually?


honesty is relative to our vantage point‬‬


‪or the end goal... is "getting to know each other" outdated?‬‬


‪it isn’t outdated, its more of a thought experiment of how much of how i see truth matches up how  you see truth‬‬


‪so you think it's honest?‬‬


‪to each individual‬‬


‪I guess you can say our illusions are honest‬‬


and thats why first dates are weird in that sense, people are willing to show their view of life, for the risk of it being maybe not collinear with that of the other person‬‬


its surprisingly very intimate for being at arms length from everything


‪i wonder, with this new, or not so new, Internet dating... what percentage of first dates go on second dates‬‬


i say 99% don’t, its all more deviations from the truth, i still leave that sliver left over, because jeez that sandwich today was incredible‬‬


that couldn’t be an illusion how delicious that was