Unedited conversations between artist in a productive critique  discovering  thesis and processes behind the work.








Conversation between Kevin Arrow and Olivia Ramos.


Kevin Arrow

Recent acquisition of the Perez Art Museum Miami


Untitled (analog/digital_5), 2013

Transparent media, Duratrans, light box

28" x 40.25" x 2.4"

ARROW:  I got hung up at OMM and then got home with an appetite so I was making vegetable curry


RAMOS:  hi


thank you for joining me




the document i sent you is not for public consumption


i understand


it is a doc I wrote to better understand the options for setting the piece up


because the piece is a projection


it is rather dry and uninteresting


]the piece?


why do you say that?


the document not the WORK!






lets talk about the work


not the instructions


the work


the end product of a process which took days, weeks, months, years even


IS the end product


how many different images are within that one piece


never thought to count them


counting would interesting but then you'd have to count the combinations of pairs of images and sets of three and so on and on


here's a work that I still like utilizing only one image



Kevin Arrow

the Untitled (1973) was (based on found slide)

1960s Kodak slide projector modified by engineers that worked for Eastern Airlines




but we're discussing the PAMM piece


well we are discussing you


tell me about projection as a medium


it is kind of endless


yet you are choosing to make it sort of static




nostalgia is what each viewer brings to the experience and his subjective


I am interested in editing and considering the variables


IS Subjective


what variables?


oh yeah, I am interested in the different methods of display that a work may have


for example?


beyond projection i mean


large or small


high or low


left or right


I personally am more engaged when something can be altered, adjusted, and modified.


but one thing one way is okay too


but even that will eventually give way to change


as in altered during it's final viewing? or rather is it in flux as the final piece?


always in flux


I am doing something on Thursday evening utilizing three projectors


and three different sized screens


all pointing at the same spot?


(160) 35mm slides and 16mm film


three screens set upon a black ornate stairway in the Moore Space


the room with the Zaha Hadid Elastic piece


what will be touched by the projections?






what will be projected on?


I just emailed you a photo of the stairway




Kevin Arrow

Picture of Stairs at Moore Building

Miami, Florida



ah yes


I have been free associating, editing, looking at slides, thinking about poetry


because it's poetry month?


I am also incorporating 16mm films of Andy Warhol's screen tests from the MOMA circulating collection


yes, poetry month and it will apart of the John Giorno reading for O,Miami


so it's a small commission




I am also integrating animated 35mm slides which I made for the occasion


so wait


i'm trying to imagine this room


you said three projections


yes three


small screen


medium screen


large screen


each on a different surface?


yes three different screens


three different projectors


and many lenses which will give me the ability to go large and small


and the content within the tree projections are not related


yes, each on a different surface unless I choose to overlap and make layers


the content is related


related by proximity


and subject


so that's not the content - that's the location


or not


is the subject related?


location is content too


ok i can buy that


everything is related


everything is related


i agree










poetry recital


I have intentionally set up on the opposite side of the room from where the poets with read


and will douse the projectors during the reading


will "douse" the projectors?


turn them off


ok let me re-imagine this




three projections are on - until the poets begin to speak?




I am warming up the crowd


opening "act"


making a piece for O,Miami during National Poetry Month in honor of John Giorno


who incidentally is on the reel of film


I am showing his Warhol screen test from 1964


he was also the subject in the Warhol film Sleep


now it is starting to make sense


 _Sleep, _1964 premiered at the Gramercy Arts Theatre in front of an audience of nine people, only two of whom walked out.


I am not screening Sleep


but I do have a 35mm slide of a single frame from the movie


which kind of outdoes Warhol


the film of Giorno sleeping for five hours


i'm sure one slide is plenty


I like the idea of screening one single frame from Sleep in perpetuity


so do i


well the camera does move occasionally


Andy liked to put people through painful experiences


and those can sometimes be very magical


well I never considered his sadistic side


that's the only side i see


but yeah, you can talk for hours about Warhol


we don't have to


so the poets


will their poems be an homage to Giorno?


I like to remember the Andy eating a McDonald's hamburger or appearing on the Love Boat television show.


only two poets


one of which is John Giorno


here's something about that


oh wow - i didn't realize he would be there


who gets to be the other poet?


Ryan Van Winkle from out of town too


John Giorno performing in Miami is kind of epic


yes it is


I am definitely going


I will be having fun


as I have been mapping out the possibilities


and cannot wait to show up and do something for a few hours


something ephemeral


Kevin Arrow

Untitled (John Giorno), 2016

(2) 35mm slide projectors (160) 35mm slides, polarized slides and 16mm Film projector, Andy Warhol Screen tests Collection of the Museum of Modern Art Circulating Film Library


Images courtesy of Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA).

Photo: Sonja Garnitschnig.