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Conversation between Alouishous San Gomma and Olivia Ramos.


Alouishous San Gomma

Biscayne World, 2014

Created by: Ahol Sniffs Glue, Michael Arcos, and Marnie Ellen

Video, 10 min., 57 sec.


RAMOS:  ‪hi‬‬


thank you for joining me


SAN GOMMA:  ‪Thanks for having me on here‬‬


i saw a video you did - i think it was for Borscht Film Festival two-three years ago - i really loved it‬‬


it was the story of you getting into a scooter accident and then having to take the bus


and all the characters you met on the bus


I remember the demon character wearing a cross


Yup, that movies called Biscayne World - it's been a on going project with a bunch of different types of branches coming out of it... i things the character you are referring to is named Buntu.‬‬


Buntu's inspired from a lady I ran into on the bus from little Haiti. Very interesting but I didn't understand her


‪ah yes - actually Buntu is in the video‬‬


there is a very apparent interest in the subject of drugs‬‬


in general, in your work


can you talk about that?


‪Yea, I am not drug free.


I don't mess with all of them but the ones I dabble in make recurring cameos throughout different types of my work.


I don't condone drug use in any way. But it's real, they are out there and readily accessible.‬‬


‪My brain is sharp and all over the place so I consider myself my own personal doctor.‬‬


self prescribed


Yup. I know what's best I guess‬‬


and as your personal doctor - what symptoms are you diagnosing?


Ha. I put a lot of pressure on myself. Sometimes I gotta just make myself right. No specific symptoms I guess.


Anxiety is prominent so Xanax holds me down


Currently in jimmyjohns





‪buen appetite


Xanax is a pretty serious medicine


it has heavy withdrawals


Definitely. All drugs are easy to abuse tho. I am very disciplined‬‬


‪i believe you‬‬


what makes you life so anxious?


or were you born that way?


I've been anxious... I feel it's the heavy expectations I set on myself creatively.‬‬


so the internal expectations are causing anxiety that you choose to medicate‬‬


if you are the cause of the expectations - could you not stop those instead of medicating the result?


As you can see with the variety of stuff I sent you. I want to do it all. I don't want any one part of my art stuff to be neglected so I push my self hardest and it leads to more anxiety.


Hope that makes sense‬‬


‪I like the pressure tho. Any day could be my last.


So many people have excuses for days on why they don't create or stay busy. I know how to roll with the punches pretty well‬‬


i get the pressure and i get the desire to be accomplished‬‬


‪i am not sure i understand the part in which you are medicating something you are a direct cause of


and not because i haven't been there - but because when i was there, for me, it was an excuse to medicate cause it was what i wanted to feel


‪I feel you. Not many people get it.


That's why I don't impose it on anyone but it is why I put it in my art sometimes‬‬


Definitely. Without a doubt. I drink a beer when I want a beer. And I can deal with anxiety and just stay away from Xanax but I like the feeling and it allows me to work easier.


Some people like a cup of coffee and cheese cake. That ain't me‬‬




yes - to each it's own


so putting this in your art


let's talk about that


because it can be many things


from a transparent expression to a cry for help


It could be. I am constantly taking pictures with my phone to build up a arsenal of images I chop up on my phone to collage together to make powerful creations that may make people feel weird or repulsed.


So drugs, sandwiches, and anything else around me become my medium in a way‬‬


I'm definitely not asking for an intervention so if anyone's trying, don't even think about it


‪i didn't think so - and i deff wouldn't




that's not by place


nor is it my place to assume one of the other


i am just curious




It's all good. I just like powerful imagery too. It's like people that love drawing weed leaves. Weeds pretty much legal already. It doesn't visually slap people in the face. At least not anymore‬‬


‪for me - the image is not as powerful as the concept of living in alternative realities‬‬


or do you see your reality sober the same as your reality when medicated?


‪I see my daily life as reality. Like food and water, my substance consumption is like the WD-40 to a old machine. I can run and perform, but


why not be smooth and sharp?‬‬


If you got a headache why not pop Tylenol?


‪so you are making reality smooth and sharp... how does that alter your work? or would you produce the same if sober?‬‬


Well. Reality is what is happening. What I'm feeling is my reality. I can choose to push forward and create with the feeling I have now or get on a level I feel more comfortable. My work is dictated mainly by a cause and effect of what I encounter. Like the amount of time it takes to respond is dictated by the sandwich in front of me and typing with one hand instead of 2‬‬


Different moods lead to different times to work on different projects. I have outlets for all my moods


‪I'm really enjoying this conversation, so I hope my answers are making sense to you‬‬


i am enjoying this as well - and yes it makes perfect sense - you are going with the flow and experimenting with the same flow to see how it affects your experience‬‬




nice - well done‬‬


i see you are on Biscayne and 29th


out of the closet is across the street


the video we began the conversation with - was an amazing experience of Miami


‪a lot of your work is also about a personal brand with the closing eye graffiti and jewelry - can you tell me more about that?‬‬


‪I live on biscayne and 30th. You are correct on my location... (good eye)‬‬


The eye has become a symbol I have branded a lot of my work with as well. It all started with the way I would draw characters. All line work. The half closed drowsy eye is in a numb state of going with the flow. It's never asleep‬‬


I started pushing the eye more and more as a simplified version of the characters and to represent the work via a symbol that is recognizable.‬‬


so would you say it it more about spreading the presence of you, or perhaps your value system, rather than a particular piece of work?‬‬


and by work, I guess an artistic practice in an academic format


since spreading a brand can very well be art


‪I think the branding side and reinforcing my style and presence came from my roots of graffiti and the pursuit of always maintaining a recognizable presence‬‬


Some of the other stuff I do doesn't have the eye at all. Like my work with the Huffer Collective or some of my digital pieces. But from time to time I will sneak in a eye to try and subconsciously remind people of it. It's all tied together some more some less. It's a reminder that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want‬‬


wherever you want‬‬


in fact you are everywhere in Miami


and i think of you when i see the drowsy eye


is that what you want? for people to keep you in mind?


That's the idea. To be up everywhere.


It's nice to know people can and will see my stuff when there are out here and I'd they see me out of Miami and don't know me to automatically associate it with Miami